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SCC Business Office


Manage Your Payments and More

Welcome to the SCC Business Office!


Students can pay their tuition in person at the SCC Giles Campus in the business office, the administrative office at another SCC campus, or online through their MySCC Portal. SCC accepts payments via cash, first-party personal checks, and credit and debit cards. For any tuition payments made using a credit or debit card, a convenience fee of 2% will be added per transaction. 

(You will not receive a paper bill in the mail. All payments must be posted by the time of scheduled deletions to protect your schedule from being deleted.)



You can view accounts and make payments inside your MySCC Portal under the "Student Finance" tab. Students using Financial Aid can also view and verify their expected financial aid balance through their MySCC portal. 


Debt Restrictions

Debts could be for tuition, books, parking tickets, or library fines and may date back as far as your initial enrollment at SCC. Failure to pay debts will result in academic restrictions. 


Grades and Registration

Until your bill has been paid, you will not receive your grades, be allowed to register for classes for the upcoming semester or be allowed to request a college transcript.



Until your college debts are paid in full, you will not be able to receive transcripts, register for the following terms, or graduate. 


Books and Supplies

 Textbooks and other associated supplies are required for all programs and can be purchased at the college bookstore. Textbooks can be expensive, but at SCC, we offer a variety of options and resources for those in need of a more affordable alternative:

  • Some courses offer used textbooks
  • Sometimes one textbook may be used for more than one course in a sequence
  • Funds provided by financial aid and scholarship programs

For students using a financial aid credit balance to assist with the purchasing of textbooks and additional supplies can choose to "opt out". By completing the "Request to Opt Out Form" and submitting it to the Business Office prior to the first day of classes each semester, students can use a provided allowance to purchase books and supplies elsewhere. 


Additional Costs

Students within most Health Division programs are required to purchase uniforms and other materials, obtain liability insurance and to pay for a background check through the SC Law Enforcement (SLED). Each program is different, and some may require additional purchases. 


1098-T Form Information

The 1098-T form is the information return that colleges and universities must issue to students to determine their eligibility for education tax credits. Under the Internal Revenue Service guidelines, it is required that student transactions must be reported within the calendar year (January 1st- December 31st) that they occur. 

To access your 1098-T form, first open your MySCC Portal. Then, under the "Self Service" tab, select "Student Financial Information", and then "View My 1098-T Forms". When you find the form you need, a pdf version will be available for printing. For help logging into your MySCC Portal, contact our IT Help Desk at (864-592-4682).

Spartanburg Community College can only answer questions in relation to how the 1098-T form is prepared and cannot provide advice to individual taxpayers. We ask that you instead speak with a tax advisor about your tax status. For explanations concerning a student's eligibility requirements for, and calculation of any allowable education tax credit, each taxpayer should refer to relevant IRS forms and publications. 


MySCC Portal

Need help with your MySCC Portal? Call our IT Help Desk at (864) 592-4682.