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Automotive Technology

Transportation & Applied Technologies

Do you want to turn your hobby into a career? At Spartanburg Community College, we can prepare you to make a living doing what you love. Our Transportation & Applied Technologies programs, like Automotive Technology, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) and Welding, will ensure you receive the needed skills to pursue the high-paying, high-demand career you've always dreamed of. 

Through the help of SCC's Technical Scholars program, you'll even have the opportunity to broaden your learning experience beyond the classroom and get a head-start developing real-world skills. When you participate in the program, you'll attend classes full-time in an eligible degree program while working part-time with a sponsor company, who may provide you with tuition assistance. For more information about our Technical Scholars program and how to apply, contact Andi Moose in Career Services at (864) 592-4820 or


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Automotive Technology

Do you love working on cars? Have you ever considered pursuing that or something adjacent as a career? The automotive industry is constantly expanding, and they're seeking people like you who carry a passion for all things automotive. At SCC, after completing the Ford MLR certificate, you can participate in the Ford ASSET program and get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the company, familiarize yourself with the dealership's organization and environment, and even learn to work as one of their team members. 

Spartanburg now offers the following Automotive programs:

With a degree in Automotive Technology, you can pursue careers like Automotive Technician, Fleet Technician, Service Advisor, Shop Foreman or Service Manager. If you're a graduate of our Ford programs, you'll also be able to explore jobs such as Ford Light Line Technician, Maintenance Technician, Entry-Level Technician, Quick Lane Service Technician or Service Advisor. 

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 CDL (Commercial Driver's License)

Commercial transportation is a consistent and reliable career path. You may be considering exploring commercial driving as a full-time pursuit, or maybe you need to be certified with another license class for your existing job. Regardless of what kind of Commercial Driver's License (CDL) you need, we currently offer both Class A and Class B license training.

Get out on the road in a tractor-trailer with Class A CDL training at our Tyger River campus. For training in smaller types of trucks, you can earn a Class B CDL at our Cherokee County campus.

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Diesel Power and Emerging Technologies

Maybe you don't necessarily want to drive large commercial trucks and vehicles. How about maintaining and repairing them? A career in Diesel Power is an emerging field and need in the automotive industry, and right here in northern South Carolina is the perfect location to get started. Since SCC is situated near many major highways and cross-country routes, jobs in transportation-related industries will always be in high demand. Our Associate of Applied Science in Diesel Power and Emerging Technologies (AAS) can help you get started down that path.

After completing your degree, you'll be eligible for professional opportunities like Diesel Engine Technician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Heavy Truck Technician, Shop Foreman or Service Manager.

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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technologies)

It's important to be able to feel comfortable in your home, especially during the harsher summer and winter months. Unfortunately, things like heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration are often taken for granted until they fall into disrepair. At SCC, not only can you learn and master the skills needed to excel in the field of HVAC, but by providing your services, you can help to ensure household comfort for those in need in your community.

Spartanburg offers an HVAC certificate and a degree program:

After finishing the HVAC program at SCC, you'll be prepared to enter a lucrative and stable industry as an HVAC Sales Representative, an HVAC or Electrical Controls Technician, and more.

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Do you find satisfaction in building and creating something with your own two hands? After completing one of our welding programs, you'll be ready to craft at a professional, industrial level. There's always a demand for skilled welders to work on projects like bridges, skyscrapers, piping and mass production in major manufacturing. When you choose our advanced welding option, we can offer you real-world welding scenarios for an even more hands-on learning experience and to ensure that you're ready for the world of opportunity waiting for you.

Spartanburg currently offers the following Welding programs:

Once you've completed your Welding program at SCC, you'll be ready to explore careers as a Welder, Fitter and/or Fabricator.

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If you need assistance applying or have further questions about getting started at SCC, visit our Admissions page for more information today. Do what you love, chase what you want and come visit us soon! 


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