SCC Business Office Forms


Fiscal Forgiveness Program

The Spartanburg Community College (SCC) Fiscal Forgiveness Program allows students to return to SCC under specific conditions. If you are approved to enroll under this program, your debt will be permanently removed from your account upon meeting all the conditions listed below. Fiscal forgiveness is available only once during a student's academic career/lifetime.

To be eligible for fiscal forgiveness, certain guidelines and conditions apply. You:

  • Have NOT been enrolled at SCC for at least three (3) consecutive years between the end of the term of the your last attendance to the term in which you re-enroll.
  • Owe SCC funds which restricts your ability to register
  • MUST enroll in at least six (6) credit hours for the semester. You should apply for financial aid, if eligible.
  • MUST pay current semester tuition and fees by the published deletion date/time.
  • Are serious about your education, meet all requirements for admission to the college, enroll in a program of study, and meet with an academic advisor after acceptance in the program.

If you complete at least six (6) credit hours and maintain a 2.0 GPA, SCC will remove the prior debt. If you are interested in this program, please bring the Fiscal Forgiveness Form letter with you to the Admission Center (Dan L. Terhune Building, first floor). If you meet the requirements, you can then meet with an admissions specialist and an enrollment advisor to complete all application and enrollment steps.

Download Fiscal Forgiveness Form (PDF)


Award Deduction Form

Award Deduction Form is used to request that charges from an academic term be deducted from the current academic year's financial aid. Effective July 1, 2008, federal policy allows students to use no more than $200 of the current academic year's federal financial aid proceeds to pay a previous academic year's balance. All previous semester balances should be paid in full prior to the start of the new semester.

Download Award Deduction Form (PDF)

Opt Out Form for Textbooks

A student with a financial aid credit balance may request to "opt out" of buying books at the SCC Book Inn and request an allowance to buy books and supplies elsewhere by completing the Request to Opt Out form and submitting it to the Business Office by the first day of class for each semester that the student elects to use an allowance.

Download Textbook Opt Out Form (PDF)