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  • From the front lines of the emergency room to commanding a boardroom you can find successful Spartanburg Community College alums all over the world. The Spartanburg Community College Foundation, who supports SCC students, faculty and staff through scholarships, grants, and more, catches up with former students in the Alumni Spotlight series. 

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    Jeff Gibson | September 2020

    Jeff Gibson

    Jeff Gibson ’92 learned skills at Spartanburg Community College that led to a successful career in the automotive industry. Now, Gibson is passing that knowledge along as an automotive instructor at Daniel Morgan Technology Center, a vocational center in Spartanburg.

    The Pacolet, SC native and resident earned his automotive technology degree from SCC’s Ford ASSET program, then worked for 23 years as a service technician at Vic Bailey Ford in Spartanburg. For the past seven years, Gibson has been a high school automotive instructor.

    “Both of my Ford ASSET instructors, Robbie Kinion and Jeff Hunt, took extra time during breaks and after class to keep me up to pace in the classroom,” Gibson said. “Now, I teach young students a skill they can take anywhere in the world and be successful.”

    When not teaching, Gibson enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years and his 16-year-old daughter. He also spends his leisure time fishing, hunting, and not surprisingly, attending cars shows and auto racing.

    Gibson is also a fishing coach at Broome High School and a member of the SCC Automotive Advisory Committee.





      1. 2020 Spotlights

        Reyes Gutierrez | August 2020

        Reyes Gutierrez August 2020

        2017 Assoc. Automotive Technology

        Reyes is originally from Chicago but moved to Spartanburg with his family at a young age. Not a fan of attending high school, he earned his GED early to enter the work force. With a passion for automobiles, he attended SCC and graduated with an associate degree in Automotive Technology in 2017.

        While in school he started his career in the automotive industry at Vic Bailey Volkswagen on Reidville Road.  He really enjoys the team work environment and ability to learn something new everyday. He prides himself as being able to diagnose a problem in any vehicle no matter the make or model.  He enjoys working on cars so much he also works part-time at Auto Zone.

        William Gardner was his favorite instructor at SCC. Mr. Gardner took the time to make sure you understood the material and the course of action to fix the car was correct. He really cared about each and every student in the program. Reyes has been at Vic Bailey for five years and has a goal of one day being the head technician. “I don’t see myself working anywhere but here”


        James Self | July 2020

        James Self July 2020

        James Self ’19 says his instructors would describe him as a dedicated, dependable student. You’d have to be to maintain a 4.0 GPA and win a Trio Director’s Award. But James describes himself as an anxious student who developed the confidence to succeed while attending Spartanburg Community College.

        “My instructors gave me an excellent foundation and toolkit to solve most of the problems I face,” said Self. “But where SCC prepared me most was teaching me how to be an adult. SCC taught me how to handle the stress of deadlines, how organization is my friend and not a chore, how to communicate in a professional manner, and most important of all, how to learn.”

        A native of Charlotte, NC and a resident of Blacksburg, SC since that age of 12, Self-earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Mechatronics Engineering Technology and a Kuka Robotics Kore technician certification. After graduating, he went to work for Par Terra Packaging, a food packaging company in White Stone, SC, where he serves as a maintenance technician for the company’s electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

        He also is responsible for maintaining packaging machines leased by his company.

        “About every other month I travel around America to work on our machines,” Self explains. “I have machines in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, and I just built a machine for a new customer in Texas. Since the company I work for is small, I’m involved with the business side of it as well. I never thought I would be in meetings with presidents of large companies.”

        When he’s not working, Self enjoys reading, studying philosophy and history, and working on his property.

        “Our yard is pretty much a small farm. We have plants everywhere and a whole lot of animals that need to be taken care of,” he says.

        He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Casey, and their children, Olivia, Noah and Ben.


        Roy McBee Smith | June 2020

        Roy Smith Alumni Roy M. Smith ’94 returned to college after working 10 years in various industries. A nontraditional student, the Spartanburg native took classes at Spartanburg Community College that opened his eyes to different professions.

        “Spartanburg Community College has a program through the Learning Center that helped people like me, that have been away from the classroom for a while, catch up,” Smith said.  “Their assistance in tutoring mathematics, language arts and other academic skills, was most helpful in my return to college.”

        Smith graduated from SCC with an Associates of Arts Degree in 1994, then transferred to Wofford College to complete his BA, earning a four-year degree in three years. He landed a job as Information Technologies Services Manager for Converse College, served as Systems Administrator for Spartanburg School District 4 and Network Administrator for USC Upstate, and even owning his own IT services business before joining SCC. 

        Today, Smith is the IT Operations Manager of SCC’s Information Technologies Department where he supervises 12 immediate employees and manages client services support for all five SCC campuses.  As second in line to the Director of IT, he is responsible for the daily and long-term successes of the department.

        Additionally, Smith chairs several committees that focus on the continuous development of quality end user support services, and manages major projects related to technology life cycles. As a member of the Technology Committee for the Spartanburg County Foundation, for example, Smith oversees the direction of the organization’s web presence and the selection of a technical services provider. 

        Smith sees his biggest impact is the knowledge and experience he brings to the College, in the development of quality focused teams, the management of multi-campus projects involving many different players, or the cultivation of end user knowledge of new technology through personalized training techniques. 

        “I have developed, and continue to redevelop, my departmental processes and procedures, goals, and directions.  I continue to maximize the availability of the most affordable and up-to-date technologies, maximize the awareness and use of these technologies through training, all while maintaining a minimum of under-utilized technologies throughout multiple campuses.”

        With all of that, you wouldn’t think Smith has much time for leisure activities, but that’s when he shows off his creative side. He is an emerging musician/songwriter and an exhibiting artist of two and three-dimensional works in the Upstate area.

        Smith is married to Bea Walters Smith, Executive Director of the SCC Foundation. Their son, Hunter, is a rising junior at Spartanburg High School.


        Erin Edwards | May 2020


        Every workday offers a new challenge for Erin Edwards ‘17, some of them lifesaving. As an E Shift paramedic at Spartanburg EMS, Edwards believes that managing advanced life support care in a dynamic field is her biggest accomplishment.

        “I was involved with a patient who had gone into cardiac arrest at work with two other employees,” Edwards recalls. “We worked on scene for a few minutes, each of us doing our jobs perfectly, and we got a pulse back. One week later, I got to watch the patient walk across the floor in the hospital and give me a hug. That one moment made every day in school worth it.”

        A native of Inman SC, Edwards graduated from Spartanburg Community College in 2017 with an Associate in Emergency Medicine and a Paramedic Certificate. Most of her internship experience while at SCC involved Spartanburg EMS, which prepared her for the world of work and specifically the world of Spartanburg EMS. She now works full-time as a paramedic for Spartanburg EMS and as a paramedic on an as-needed basis for Spartanburg Regional Transport.

        “When I got my paramedic and went to work for Spartanburg EMS, I knew exactly what was expected of me and was very comfortable in my surroundings,” Edwards said. “SCC prepares people to enter the work force directly into the Spartanburg area. They are educating people and preparing them for specialized jobs that are needed in this community.”

        When she’s not working, Edwards enjoys hiking with her husband. She also rides horses and occasionally goes barrel racing. But now that she’s back in school at SCC, most of her leisure time is study time.

        Rev George Sims, Sr. | April 2020


        Union resident George Sims Sr. '14 moved to New York City in 1963 for an accounting job. He returned to Union in the 1970s and made a career working for companies like Sonoco and Paragon holding such positions as extruder operator and quality control supervisor. 

        In 1984, Sims added pastor to his resume, serving Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Pauline, Lockhart Baptist and now Mt. Prospect Baptist Church in Chester. During his 30 years as a pastor, Sims has seen first-hand the needs of senior citizens in the community. 

        Encouraged by his daughter, an admissions counselor at Spartanburg Community College, Sims enrolled at SCC to learn HVAC repair so he could help older homeowners who could not afford to get their units fixed.

         In 2014, at the age of 69, Sims earned his certificate in HVAC repair and the distinction of being SCC's oldest graduate.

         Sims says he wants to be an example to young people in his church and in the community.

         "My motto is if a 70-year-old man can do it, you can too."

        Pastor Michael N. Freyta | March 2020

        Michael Freyta March 2020

        Michael Freyta ’10 hadn’t been in a classroom for more than 25 years, so he was astounded when he achieved a 100 percent average in his prerequisite math classes at Spartanburg Community College’s Cherokee County Campus.“My math teacher told me that because of my life experiences and the fact that I had grown up learning to solve life problems, that helped me understand the basics principals of mathematics.” Freyta said. “That experience was probably the foundational moment that helped me realize my true potential.”Freyta went on to earn an Associate degree in Business Management and found the Mission of Grace Training Center in Gaffney SC, a church with an emphasis on disciple leadership training for community involvement. Freyta, who serves as the pastor at Mission of Grace, is using his education to help others achieve theirs.   “We have a transportation ministry that helps Gaffney residents get back to school and get their education,” says the Colorado native who moved to Gaffney in 2002. “We transport students to and from adult education classes to get their GED. We also help transport student to and from SCC’s Cherokee Campus and to the Spartanburg Campus when funds are available.”Mission of Grace exists with an Apostolic mandate to use Kingdom principles to help change lifestyles, and to heal, equip and change the culture, according to Freyta. “We are here to repair the breach and restore the streets.”

        Freyta’s ministry extends to his nonprofit work in the Gaffney community, including membership in Cherokee County United Lions and a board member of the United Way of the Piedmont. When not working or volunteering, he spends time with his wife, Lois, his co-pastor at Mission of Grace, and their seven children and 10 grandchildren.

          • Miranda Sanders | February 2020

            Sanders Alumni FebMiranda Sanders ’15 knew at a young age that she wanted to work in the healthcare field.

            “My Dad was a paramedic turned nurse when I was growing up, so this is all I’ve ever known,” Sanders explains.

            After earning a certificate for Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic from Spartanburg Community College, the Rutherford County, NC native and resident began her career as an EMT and Paramedic at Wellford, SC Rescue 21. She also served with Rutherford County EMS and Spartanburg Regional Ambulance Service, and today is a Senior Paramedic for Spartanburg EMS.

            “Not only did my time at Spartanburg Community College teach me how to help people and how to use what I was being taught, but I also was able to make networking connections and do my clinical hours with different services and find the EMS service I wanted to work for.”

            As a Senior Paramedic, Sanders is responsible for her ambulance each shift, ensuring that all equipment is working properly and that necessary medications are on board. A busy system with more than 200 employees, Spartanburg EMS averages 150-175 calls each day. Sanders also is part of the Community Relations Team that educates children and adults about EMS and its role in the community.

            “Who doesn’t love to watch an ambulance or fire truck going down the road with the flashing lights and sirens,” Sanders said. “I have an amazing job that allows me to share my passion with others and inspire someone else to do what I love.”

            Sanders continues to do what she loves with her volunteer hours, running first response calls for the Cherokee Creek Fire Department in Gaffney. But when its time for leisure time and hobbies, she’s all in.

            “I love to go fishing, spend time with my dogs, and go on adventures with my family and friends,” Sanders explains. “Doing this job makes you realize how precious life is and how fast things can change, so I live life to the fullest and spend time with those I love most.” 

            Glenn Gann Jr. | January 2020

            Glen Gann Jr  January 2020

            Glenn Gann Jr. ’16 was destined to be a first responder. His father was a police officer with the New York Police Department who became a nurse after moving to South Carolina – a career move that helped steer the younger Gann into healthcare. Working as an EMT at Spartanburg EMS while in school at Spartanburg Community College, Gann went to work as a paramedic with Spartanburg EMS after earning his certification in Emergency Medical Services. Now a senior paramedic, Gann is responsible for an advanced life support ambulance that handles everything from a single patient to multiple patients with medical or trauma-related issues. And he often has students on board doing their clinical rotations or new hires in field training.“There are so many different variables that go into being in EMS – many patient conditions and just the ever-changing dynamic of the job,” Gann said. “SCC gave me a very good foundation of knowledge and the skills to start a career as a paramedic. I’m able to pass that on to the new hires I get to work with.”Gann credits EMS Program Director Doug Paris with the solid foundation of skills and knowledge he acquired while at Spartanburg Community College.“Doug Paris was a uniquely dedicated instructor,” Gann said. “He knew exactly how much effort was possible from you as a student without pushing so far as to make you feel unmotivated or overwhelmed. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with you as a student, and even after graduation he is always available to you for questions.”When not working, Gann said he spends time trying to be a good husband and father. “I have a wonderful wife at home who supports me even though I’m working for 24-48 hours at a time,” Gann said. “My kids don’t know exactly what I do but they know I work on an ambulance and that I help people, so when I’m home I really try to live up to their expectations of a super-hero dad.”






    1. 2019 Spotlights


        • Karen Willis | December 2019

        • Karen Willis, class of 2006

          Karen Willis’ great grandfather was the town physician in Landrum, SC and her grandmother was a nurse. But it wasn’t until she took a medical terminology class at Spartanburg Community College that Karen fell in love with the healthcare profession. 

          A member of the 2006 inaugural class of SCC’s Associate Degree in Nursing program, Karen went on to earn a Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Texas, Arlington in 2014 and became a certified Nurse Executive (NE-BC) in 2018. She now serves as Nurse Manager for the Rapid Treatment Unit at Spartanburg Medical Center where she hires and manages more than 60 RNs, cardiac care associates and unit ambassadors that are medically trained and prepared for all types of acutely ill patients.

          “As a nurse manager, I have hired multiple nursing graduates from SCC, and they all are well prepared for the ever-changing world of healthcare,” Karen says. “SCC is one of the greatest treasures for undergraduate students in the entire state of South Carolina.”

          Karen counts among her greatest achievements the accomplishments of those she has had the opportunity to lead. Her passion for helping others attain their goals and preparing them to lead with a servant’s heart was born from the strong bonds that developed between classmates and instructors during that inaugural ADN class at Spartanburg Community College.

          “Several of my nursing instructors and classmates are now my colleagues and I am so grateful for the foundations that were laid when we met at SCC,” Karen said. “We struggled and survived the journey of designing and creating a new undergraduate program and that experience created strong bonds that still exist between many of us to this day.”

          Karen’s own servant’s heart extends beyond her work life into the leisure activities she enjoys. She serves in the children’s ministry at her church, assists the Greater Spartanburg Ministries foodbank several times each year and works with the disaster relief team at Church at The Mill. Karen is a member of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and a past member of the Young Leaders division for the United Way of the Piedmont.

          A resident of Roebuck, Karen is married to Barrett Willis. The couple have two children, Austin, 11, and Lauren, 9.

        Clysta Clark | November 2019

      • Clysta Clark, class of 2011As the owner of ANEW Massage, LLC, Clysta Clark, LMBT, class of 2011 does much more than therapeutic massage. And it was her time at Spartanburg Community College earning an Associate Degree in Applied Science Management with Marketing that gave her the skills to run her own business.

        “My experience at SCC prepared me for my career in instrumental ways,” Clark said. “It gave me the skills that I utilize in my business today and prepared me for setting goals, planning, implementing and achieving success.”

        Clark credits SCC and especially faculty member Peter Stone for the instruction, motivation and support that has helped her run a small business, handling everything from marketing and promotion to accounting and scheduling.

        A native of Swanton, Vermont, Clark moved to the Upstate 28 years ago, settling in Inman, SC, a community similar in size and character to her hometown.

        “My company is a local small business and I live in the community I serve, which is very important to me,” Clark said. “I have several clients that have referred every member of their family to me for treatment. It’s so very rewarding.”

        Clark specializes in therapeutic massage services from goal-orientated sessions to relaxation therapy and Oncology massage. Sessions are customized, integrating various modalities designed to increase range of motion, remove trigger points, reduce stress or achieve other goals.

        Clark not only serves her community professionally, but also as a volunteer with organizations such as the Greater Inman Area Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity and Spartanburg County Parks and Recreation. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, Society of Oncology Massage and Oncology of the Carolinas.

        When not working, Clark enjoys photography and being in nature. But her favorite job is being Mimi to grandchildren Gavin, Liam and Emma.

        Ray Gilpin | October 2019

        Alumni Spotlight October 2019 Ray GilpinAfter a 28-year stint in the wastewater management industry, Ray Gilpin 09 was looking for a second career.

        Gilpin barely survived a companywide layoff after 20 years on the job when his employer was acquired by another company. While relieved he was able to keep his job under the new management, the near miss made Gilpin think about finding a more secure future in another field.

        I entered college at the age of 49 and graduated at 51 with honors, Gilpin said. I was given a full grant by my employer to obtain my Bachelor s in Respiratory Care Advanced Clinical Practice, and at the age of 56, I graduated Summa Cum Laude. During this journey, a business was created and is continuing to grow into its ninth year.

        Recalling his time at Spartanburg Community College, Gilpin said that everything he learned was put to practical use when he entered the field.

        Sometimes you think a program is too hard or strenuous, until it s your time in real life, Gilpin said. But the time you save someone s life, that s when it all becomes very real.

        As a respiratory therapist, Gilpin knows about saving lives. He earned his Associates of Science in Respiratory Care at SCC, and before graduating was offered a job at one of the college s clinical rotation sites. Today, Gilpin is Chief Executive Officer of Specialized Respiratory Services, LLC in Wellford, SC handling everything from patient assessments and oxygenation setups to contractor recruitment and new business development

        Established in 2011, Specialized Respiratory Services (SRS) began as a trach care and changing service at a single facility in Shelby, NC. Today, the company has 24 respiratory therapists serving more than 30 skilled nursing facilities in nine states, with four new facilities in four additional states soon to follow.

        In 2013, SRS became the Respiratory Service provider for Mountain Medical Supply (MMS), a Durable Medical Equipment supplier based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Solely a government provider for the U.S. Departments of Labor and Energy, MMS primarily serves patients who are nuclear power plant employees.

        The association with MMS allowed SRS to expand throughout SC and into Kentucky, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Idaho

        A hands-on executive, Gilpin handles day-to-day respiratory services for the facilities in and around the Charlotte, NC area that are under contract with SRS. He also provides back-up for the three registered respiratory therapists that cover those areas.

        When not working, Glipin enjoys kayak fishing and being outdoors. His two classic Porsches also get a good bit of pampering and time on the road. Ray Gilpin is class of 2009, BSRT, RRT, RCP

        Gilpin is married to Geannie Gilpin, a 29-year employee of Spartanburg School District 5. Their daughter, Jessica Yath, is a graduate of SCC s nursing program.

      • Alumni Spotlight James Fortner Sept 2019James Fortner | September 2019

        The real-world experience of his instructors prepared James Fortner 88 to immediately begin his career after earning an Associates in Industrial Electronics Technology at Spartanburg Community College.

        The experienced instructors who had worked in the field prepared me to go straight to work, Fortner said. Ron Towery, who was an instructor at the time then became the head of the industrial department, really cared for his students and ended up getting me my first job.

        That first job was a 16-year stint with McNaughton-McKay Electrical Company in Greenville, SC where Fortner began as a trainee then moved into account management. Since that time, he has served as business development manager for Tegron Southeast in Greenville and as vice president of sales and engineering for Cynergi Systems, a multi-million-dollar technology company based in Spartanburg.

        Currently, Fortner is director of business development for Renfrow Industrial Inc. in Spartanburg where he works to bridge the gap between sales and operations, enhancing the customer experience to increase revenue.

        When he s not working, Fortner enjoys spending time with family, running, mountain biking and being outside. He s also involved in the community, serving as a board member of Urban Hope, an advisory board member at Daniel Morgan Technology Center and a member of the SC Christian Chamber of Commerce.


      • Alumni Spotlight Sam Arrowood August 2019Sam Arrowood | August 2019

        We ve heard the saying, Do what you love, and you ll never work another day in your life. For Sam Arrowood 08, turning his passion into a profession is still hard work but also his greatest accomplishment.

        After earning an associate degree in technology at Spartanburg Community College, the Rutherford County, NC native worked as a diesel technician with Ford, then opened his own business almost five years ago. Arrowood believes that the hands-on training he received at SCC gave him a leg up in his field of study coming out of college

        There is no substitute for hands on experience through the automotive industry, Arrowood said. SCC allowed me to start the journey of my hobby leading to a job, which led to a career, which led to business ownership.

        As owner of SMA Diesel Service, LLC, a Power Stroke specific diesel repair facility in Chesnee, SC, Arrowood has duties that range from technician and customer service to janitor and everything else involved in owning your own business. And while being a business owner doesn't allow a lot of down time, Arrowood still enjoy a few hobbies like spending time with wife, Paige, hiking and being outdoors. And, of course, drag racing. 

      • Alumni Spotlight Nicole Baker July 2019Nicole T. Baker | July 2019

        Opportunity comes to mind when Nicole T. Baker, CPA, recalls her time at Spartanburg Community College. Not only an opportunity to make up for a not-so-impressive start to her college career, but an opportunity to grow and to succeed

        I was actually an excellent student (at SCC), Baker said. This was probably more due to the fact that I was paying for school because of a less-than-stellar freshman year.

        At SCC, Baker s path became clear and she went on to earn Bachelor of Science and Master of Accountancy degrees. She joined Elliott & Painter LLP in 2003, and today is a Certified Public Accountant and a Partner at the Spartanburg, SC-based accounting firm.

        Baker is a member of the South Carolina Association of CPAs, the American Institute of CPAs and serves on the board of First Citizens Bank. And this fall, she will have the chance to be on the giving end of opportunity by promoting the mission and vision of the Spartanburg Community College Foundation as a member of the board.

      • Alumni Spotlight Kathryn LawsonKathryn Lawson | June 2019

        From manufacturing and banking to corporations and nonprofits, Kathryn Lawson 84 has applied her Associate Degree in Accounting in a variety of industries. And it was her time at Spartanburg Community College that prepared her for the wide range of real-life situations she has encountered throughout her career.

        As we grow and change jobs or careers, we are faced with different business needs and companies that are very different, Lawson explains. My SCC training was extremely valuable in my preparation for some of these situations. One thing that comes to my mind on a frequent basis is the different approaches we were taught on how to turn challenges into opportunities.

        A self-described extrovert focused on grades and academic achievement, Lawson recalls her involvement in several clubs and organizations while at SCC. But it was the classroom of Professor Russell Hardin that made a lasting impression on her.

        Mr. Hardin was great at motivating his students and had developed just the right methods for teaching, leading, coaching and making Accounting and Tax interesting, Lawson said. Not once was I ever bored in his classroom.

        As staff accountant at The Spartanburg County Foundation, Lawson is again a student focused on achievement this time in the Grass Roots Leadership Development Institute. The seven-month program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skillset and resources to be effective in leading positive change throughout Spartanburg County.

      • Rhonda AndersonRhonda Anderson | May 2019

        My fondest memory of Spartanburg Community College is going on an overnight field trip to Athens, Georgia and meeting Dr. Michael Dirr and playing checkers with him, Anderson said. Recognized as the number one academic contributor to the landscape industry by Landscape Management magazine, Dr. Dirr s lifelong passion for horticulture has influenced a generation of students, gardeners and professional horticulturists. But it was SCC s Doug McAbee that made a lasting impression on Anderson.


        Doug was so passionate about all aspects of landscaping, Anderson explains. I took a homeowner interest course that was not a graded course with Doug, and that really sparked my interest in pursuing the landscape management certificate courses.

        Anderson s Landscape Management Certificate from SCC took her from a management position at an area hospital to owner of Motlow Creek Gardens in Campobello, SC. A small retail business when Anderson and her mother purchased it 20 years ago, Motlow Creek Gardens today includes landscape maintenance, design and installation, multiple greenhouses and a gift shop.

        The classes I took at SCC gave me confidence to talk with clients with ease, and the plant material courses definitely helped me make interesting plant choices for customers looking for something unique to set their landscape apart from their neighbors.

      • Trang Pitts Alumni photoTrang Thu Pitts | April 2019

        Lab days filled with cooking and creating were Trang Thu Pitts favorite while at Spartanburg Community College. Now every day is lab day for the Boston, MA native who serves as Executive Sous Chef at the Spartanburg Marriott and as owner/operator of BAK D, a baking company specializing in cakes, cookies and confectioners.

        A 2015 SCC graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree with a Culinary Certificate, Trang Thu found both the training and the support network she needed to be successful in the Upstate culinary scene.

        I m so grateful to Chef Byers and the other chef instructors who were so patient and understanding, Trang Thu said. They truly supported me and my aspirations.
        When not at work, Trang Thu spends time in her own kitchen teaching daughters Sokthea and Sokthi how to prepare some of the Vietnamese foods she grew up eating. She also spends time with future chefs judging culinary competitions at area high schools and at SCC s Restaurant Capstone.

      • Alumni Spotlight Ryan Collins March 2019Ryan Collins | March 2019

        Ryan (SC native) graduated in July 2017 with honors, obtaining his Associates in Applied Science in Mechatronics. He was an SCC Technical Scholar at AWL Automation and is now employed there as a Documentation Engineer.

        As a non-traditional student, finding a work/life/school balance was difficult at times. "My advisors and instructors offered, in addition to an excellent education, plenty of practical advice for how to adjust myself to the expectations of the industry into which I was attempting to enter. The courses that offered a good balance of classroom lectures and hands-on labs were particularly useful."

      • Alumni Spotlight Jeannette Robison January 2019
        Jeannette Bull Robison | January 2019

        Jeannette Bull Robison earned her Certificate in Landscape Management and AS in Horticulture Technology here at SCC. She now owns her own Landscaping consulting business, The Yardisan.