Early College: Earn College Credits in High School

  • The Early College Program is a dual credit program at SCC that lets high school students earn both high school and college credit at the same time.  

    With the Early College Program you can...

    • Find out what college is like before graduating from high school... 
    • Get a head start on college classes...
    • Get college experience while still in high school...
    • Save money on college tuition by graduating quicker.

    Learn from college instructors.
    Early College courses are taught by SCC faculty – all of whom meet the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) credential requirements.

    Am I eligible?
    To be eligible for the Early College Program students must be at least 16 years of age and have completed their sophomore year in high school. Students must also meet the minimum score on SCC's placement tests for curriculum courses at SCC or SAT/ACT scores that meet the minimum college requirement. 

    • ACT minimum score of 19 in Math and 19 in English
    • SAT minimum score of 480 in Math and 480 in Critical Reading 

    How can I enroll in the Early College Program?
    Talk with your parents or guardian, and meet with a high school guidance counselor to see if Early College is right for you. Contact SCC Admissions and request more information on the Early College Program or follow the steps to enrollment below.

    For more information ...
    Meet with your high school counselor and call SCC Admissions at (864) 592-4800.

    Credits earned before high school graduation do not count against semester limits for the LIFE scholarship. 

    View/Download the Early College Student Handbook (PDF)

    Steps to Enroll in the Early College Program

    1. Visit SCC Admissions Center

      Visit the SCC Admissions Center at any SCC campus location to discuss enrollment in the SCC Early College Program with an Early College Counselor.
    2. Apply to Early College

      Complete the following forms and return them to the SCC Admissions Center -


      There is no application fee for applying. You will need to consult with your high school or career center guidance counselor for approval to take dual credit classes and to obtain their signature on the application.

    3. Submit Entrance Test Scores or Take Placement Assessment

      Provide placement testing/assessment scores, ACT or SAT scores to determine eligibility for SCC classes. The placement skills assessments may be administered at your high school or career center. If not, visit the Admissions Center and complete the placement testing.
    4. Confirm Acceptance, See Advisor & Register

      Confirm your acceptance into the College by visiting or calling the SCC Admissions Center at any SCC locationOnce accepted, the Early College Counselor will assist you with advising and registering for classes. Download Early College Student Handbook (PDF)
    5. Pay Tuition & Fees

      Follow up with the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office to confirm that your tuition and fees are paid.

      Don’t get deleted!
        If you have not paid your tuition by the specified deletion dates, you will lose your class schedule and have to pay $75 to re-register.

      Once tuition and fees are paid, obtain your parking decal at the Business Office, have your SCC student ID made in the Admissions Center, and purchase books for classes at The Book Inn.

      Congrats! Now you are ready for classes!


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