Ready to Help Others? Here's How to Apply

NOTE: You must be a currently enrolled student at SCC to apply for the Associate Degree in Nursing - ADN program! This application is available on the MySCC Portal.

Apply to Spartanburg Community College if you are not already a current student. Students need to be accepted to SCC before applying for the program. All transcripts should be sent directly to the SCC Admissions department if you are transferring classes. Please contact them at (864) 592-4800 or with any questions regarding transcripts.

ADN Application Process


How do I apply? Admission Requirements:

Admission into the SCC nursing program is very competitive. All applications are carefully reviewed by the School of Nursing. Please consult the SCC academic website and nursing website ( for more details, including the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Minimum Admission Criteria:

      • Applicants must be admitted to Spartanburg Community College and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in required general education courses
      • Applicants must earn a grade of C or better in all prerequisite courses. All general education courses do not have to be completed to apply to the program.
      • MAT 110 or 120, COL 101/103, BIO 210, BIO 211, and BIO 225 must be completed by the time the student enters the program. Courses in progress at the time of application will not be awarded points. Please view the current Biology Policy.
      • Applicants must complete the TEAS test to be considered for admission. Details for the exam can be found in the TEAS Policy.

Application Steps

Items to be Completed for Application Packet

Important to Know

- Biology courses may only be attempted twice within a five (5) year period for students pursuing the ADN degree. A withdrawal is considered an attempt. Any attempt in a biology course beyond the 2nd attempt will NOT be awarded points on the selective ranking sheet.

- There is a five 5-year limit on the biology courses within the curriculum.

- MAT 110/120, BIO 210, BIO 211, and BIO 225 must be completed by the time the student enters the program.

- ALL applicants must submit TEAS scores with their application. Prior to 2021, it is recommended that students take the ATI TEAS.

- The hepatitis B vaccine series are required as part of the immunizations for the nursing program.

- BIO 240 (Nutrition) is a required general education course for the SCC nursing curriculum.