Criminal Background Investigations

A criminal background investigation (CBI) and drug testing are required for health and human services students accepted into a Spartanburg Community College curriculum program of study with the exception of ECD (only CBI required).

Students who have been found guilty, by a court of law, or pled no contest (nolo contendere) to a crime, when conviction has occurred within the last 7-10 years, of the following crimes are deemed unqualified to attend the clinical training:

    1. Child or adult abuse
    2. Sexual assault
    3. Assault with a deadly weapon
    4. Neglect
    5. Mistreatment of residents, patients/client
    6. Misappropriation of resident/patient/client property

The clinical affiliate may exercise discretion regarding other convictions.

A criminal background check must be completed for each state you've lived in the last 12 months. Both the criminal background check and drug test will only be conducted after you have been accepted into a curriculum program of study. The results of the background check and drug test must be obtained before you will be allowed into the clinical site.

If the results of either of procedures document a violation as indicated above, the results will be sent to the clinical facility to be reviewed and a determination of whether you would or would not be allowed in clinical by that facility. The healthcare facility will send in writing a statement whether you have approval to attend clinical rotations within their facility.

Students with positive drug tests will be dismissed from the program for 1 year. This counts as one attempt. You may recycle into a program only once. Drug testing at your expense will be required each semester until you complete the program.

Any student unable to attend a clinical affiliate will be required to withdraw from his or her program of study.


If  you have an offense after completing the CBI check, you must notify the department head or program coordinator in writing within 24 hours of the offense occurring.

If the department head or program coordinator are not appropriately notified in writing within the time limit, disciplinary action will be taken against you if this information has been documented in the public domain.