Testing Center: Proctored Testing at SCC

  • Take Tests in our Proctored Testing Center

    Note: Central campus Testing center will hold the regular hours for Final Exams.

    The SCC Testing Center provides a convenient, secure and distraction-free environment for a positive testing experience. Testing Center offers a range of assessment services including makeup testing and proctored online testing for students at SCC as well as other colleges.

    Testing Center is part of the Center for Academic Progress & Support (CAPS) which is a collection of resources available to help students fulfill their college goals.


  • Who can test at SCC?

    • SCC students completing make-up tests
    • SCC students taking online classes
    • Non-SCC students needing to take a proctored exam
    • For COMPASS Testing, please call our Admissions Office at 592-4800.
  • What do I need to do?
    • Bring a picture ID, know the name of your instructor, and course number.
    • NO Watches allowed.
    • Turn cell phone OFF or leave elsewhere.
    • Bring testing materials (calculators, Pencils, etc.).
    • Place personal belongings (including drinks and hats), away from area as directed.
    • If testing at the Tyger River, Cherokee County, Downtown, or Union County Campuses, please obtain instructor permission and make an appointment by calling 24 hours in advance:
      • Cherokee County Campus: (864)206-2713
      • Downtown Campus: (864)592-4076
      • Tyger River Campus: (864) 592-6190
      • Union County Campus: (864)466-1060
    • Bring a paid receipt as a non-SCC student. 

  •  Choose the area of testing you need:


    Call the Testing Center at (864) 592-4966 or email testingcenter@sccsc.edu for more information.

  • Have testing accommodations?

    • Submit paperwork to Disability Services located in the East Building Room 30B.
    • Obtain approval from Disability Services for any necessary testing accommodation.
    • Schedule an appointment for each test 24 hours in advance by contacting Student Disability Services.

    Need more information?
    • SCC students testing elsewhere, click here.
    • Non-SCC students requesting proctoring, click here


    Note: The Testing Center is under surveillance.  

    Students are expected to conduct testing with integrity.

    In the event of a violation, an SCC student would be subject to the SCC student code on academic misconduct.
    A non-SCC student may lose the privilege to use SCC's proctoring service.
  • Contact Info

    Testing Center

    AddressP. Dan Hull Building, E-3

    Phone: (864) 592-4966

    Fax: (864) 592-4208

    CLOSED on following Holidays:

    September 5th | Labor Day

    October 5th - 8th | Fall Break

    November 23rd - 27th | Thanksgiving Holiday



    SCC Central Campus | Fall Semester

    Mon - Thur | 8:00am-8:00pm

    Friday | 8:00am-1:30pm


    Cherokee County Campus

    (864)206-2713 by appointment


    Tyger River Campus

    (864)592-6190 by appointment


    Union Campus

    (864)466-1060 by appointment


    Downtown Campus

    (864)592-4076 by appointment