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Lockhart Power Donates COVID-19 Funds

November 19, 2020 by Cheri Anderson-Hucks | SCC | 2020news

Lockhart Power donation
Shown from left: Ron Jackson, vice president, SCCstudent affairs; Bryan Stone, president, Lockhart Power; Dr. Michael Mikota, SCC president; and Bea Walters Smith, executive director, SCC Foundation.

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The Spartanburg Community College Foundation recently received a $5,000 gift from Lockhart Power in Lockhart, SC to assist SCC students with emergency needs related to COVID-19.

“Lockhart Power is an important community partner to Spartanburg Community College for the many things they do each year for the residents of Union County and surrounding areas,” explains Dr. G. Michael Mikota, SCC president. “COVID-19 has certainly had a significant effect, on our students, impacting the way they live, learn and interact with others, so anything that can be done to help them is tremendous. We are so appreciative of this donation because it will directly impact our students and could be the financial boost they need to continue their education.”

“With the holidays fast approaching and spring registration in process, this contribution will make a significant impact on our current student body” said Bea Walters Smith, executive director, SCC Foundation.

“Lockhart Power has made a historic commitment this year to help offset some of the devastating effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our communities. It has disrupted everyone’s lives, including a number of local college students who have been especially impacted. The goal of this particular donation is to minimize the risk of COVID derailing those students’ lives and allow them the opportunity to advance their education and pursue their dreams and ambitions,” states Bryan Stone, president, Lockhart Power.

Students may apply for SCC emergency funds via a simple online form on the college’s website. If approved, they could be awarded up to $500 once in a calendar year. All applications are evaluated through the SCC student affairs office. Since March 2020, the SCC Foundation has awarded $17,000 of emergency funds to students. 

Emergency fund eligibility criteria includes the following. SCC students must:

      • Be experiencing a financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, natural disaster or another unexpected critical event. Emergencies related to COVID-19 are also considered at this time.
      • Be currently enrolled at SCC in at least six credit hours and have successfully completed six credit hours.
      • Have applied for all available aid and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
      • Complete and submit an Emergency Fund Application along with documentation of the emergency

Ron Jackson, vice president, SCC student affairs, said, “During this time of crisis many students can become overwhelmed by academic and economic pressures. This assistance will go a long way in relieving some of the hardships, so students have a better opportunity for success.”

For more information on the SCC emergency fund, visit the SCC website, financial aid information at:

Photos are available for download at the following Flickr link: Power