Human Services (HUS)

Transfer to a 4-year with HUS pathway.


The field of Human Services continues to grow. The HUS pathway allows students to complete their AA degree and complete several courses in the human services field.  If you are interested in Human Services a pathway in this field could lead to employment in group homes, government agencies, day treatment centers, social service agencies, and more. These human service courses are transferrable to many four-year institutions and will count as elective credits at SCC.  SCC also has an agreement with Lander University in which these courses will be accepted for their Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services. 


View (or download) this pathway's course sequence here!


What are my pathway options?

  1. University Transfer: HUS - The associate of arts program has an HUS advising track for students specializing in human services. See the AA program information page for more details.
  2. HUS credits - Students in associate of arts programs can take HUS for elective credit, and HUS is recognized at the following South Carolina institutions (as well as many other colleges across the nation):