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SCC's Storytellers: Our Marketing Department!

Spartanburg Community College is the premier choice for “Chasers” seeking accessible, affordable, and unrivaled higher education. We cater to all levels of students, including recent high school graduates, current high school students, working professionals, and career changers, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to succeed in both their academic and professional pursuits. 


SCC’s commitment to excellence, diverse course offerings, employing top tier faculty and staff, flexible learning options, and emphasis on workforce development make us the only choice for those looking to continue or advance their education and career. Through our professional partnerships in the Upstate, SC area and beyond, we are working to change the game of workforce development and higher education, ensuring that our graduates are prepared for success in the evolving local job market.


Our Marketing Department

Our Marketing department is the "gatekeeper" of our brand and fully stands behind SCC's motto of "Dream It, Chase It, Live It." Through telling our brand's story, and the story of our students, faculty, and staff, we aim to empower our students to chase and live out their dreams.

We are responsible for our brand, whether that be through publications, media relations, print advertising, web content, digital advertising, photography, videography, and event planning. Why do we work to provide consistency? SCC offers unparalleled access to higher education opportunities and an unmatched focus on student success. We would be doing a diservice to our students if we didn't share the mission of Spartanburg Community College and its leadership!

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To ensure this consistency and quality, any messaging, material, or event that promotes the College must be approved by the Marketing department. Alternate styles of logo (i.e. reversed, black & white) are available via special request to the Marketing department.

SCC logos and marketing materials should never be re-created or modified. For questions regarding usage, please contact our department at

What You Need to Know



Our Branding Guide

This document outlines the types of and applications for SCC's logo. All logo usage must be approved by the SCC Marketing department.


Download SCC's Quick Branding Guide


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horizontal logo

Our Primary Logos

Our primary logo is the official designation of SCC. When you think of SCC, you think of our button that shows growth and prosperity.

These logos should not be altered or used in unapproved situations. 


Download Primary Logos



Our Chaser Logos

Chaser, SCC's official mascot, was launched in 2021. Based on the real life dog, Chaser is an inspiration to those who know her story! Chaser is available in one-color formats when needed. Please reach out for these versions.

These logos should not be altered or used in unapproved situations. 


Download Chaser Logos

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primary colors

Our Colors

 A cohesive brand palette not only enhances the way we share the SCC narrative but also encapsulates an enduring and iconic allure. The colors specified are the exclusive and applied palette for all marketing materials, promotional items, and related content.

Our Typography

 SCC’s primary and secondary brand typefaces seamlessly blend traditional and modern characteristics, striking a balance that honors our institution’s heritage while embracing a forward-facing perspective. These fonts not only reflect our past but also project a contemporary vision that propels us confidently into the future.

The SCC fonts outlined in this guide are the exclusive fonts permitted for all campus materials, including marketing materials and other related content.