TLC: Tutoring & Resources for Students

  • What's For Me at TLC?

    TLC - The Rita Allison Learning Center - combines several student support functions in one convenient location on the central campus. TLC offers students academic support via one-on-one and group tutorials in many academic subjects, as well as an open computer lab with skilled assistance. “Ask-A-Tutor” allow online students to submit papers or questions to tutors and lab assistants. Tutoring services are available at all SCC locations. TLC features a state-of-the-art computer lab open to SCC students, offering skilled assistance in computer classes and software use.

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    How to find us

    The Learning Center is located in the P. Dan Hull Building rooms E3, E5 and E6. Click here for a helpful map.

  • Free Walk-In Tutoring Available...
    • English          • Spanish
    • Math             • Accounting
    • Science         • American Sign Language
     What else is at TLC?

    • Computer Tutors for Computer Classes
    • 78 Computers
    • Access to Power of Laptops
    • Free Wi-Fi
    •Video Recording Area
    •Study Tables
    • Four Printers

    What does TLC expect of me?
    • Sign-In using school ID.
    • Bring a beverage; eat food elsewhere.
    • Put cell phones on silence or vibrate.
    • Leave children at home.
    • Use equipment respectfully
    •Adult material, games, and downloads are not allowed.
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  • Ask a Tutor

    askatutor@sccsc.eduIs provided for students to submit essays, math questions, or English questions for tutor's response. If you are submitting a written assignment, please include your paper in WORD format and your instructions for the specific assignment. Grammatical errors are noted generally for student correction. Turn-around time is 48 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays.

    Remote Tutoring

    SCC tutors stand ready to help! Please complete this form to schedule an appointment. Sessions run 30 minutes. Students are asked to provide their name, email, phone number, course, chapter and any specific areas of concern. Take advantage of these wonderful resources.
    TLC services alumnae when resources permit.

     Eval Evaluate our services.

  • TLC: The Learning Center

    Address107 Community College Drive

    Phone: (864) 592-4715 or (864) 592-4968

    Spring 2017 SEMESTER

    January 9th 2017 - April 26 2017

    January 16th 2017 MLK Day
    April 3rd 2017 - April 7th 2017 Spring Break



    Campus Hours of Operation:
    SCC Central Campus

    P. Dan Hull Building, rooms E2, E5, E6
    Mon - Thu | 7:30am - 9:00pm
    Friday | 7:30am - 1:30pm
    Academic tutoring begins at 8:00am.
    (864) 592-4715/592-4968

    SCC Tyger River Campus
    Tyger River Building, room 120
    English and Math tutoring available.
    Check the portal page for details.
    (864) 592-6220

    SCC Cherokee Campus
    Peeler Academic Building, room 127
    Math/English: Mon. - Thurs. 8:30am - 12:30pm
    (864) 206-2713
    SCC Downtown Campus
    Evans Academic Building, room 224
    English and Math tutoring available.
    Check the portal page for details.
    (864) 592-4057

    SCC Union Campus
    Call for details. (864) 466-1060
    Other times, remote tutoring available
    Call (864)592-4968 to schedule

    For more information, please contact:
    Linda Klinzing
    Director, The Learning Center
    (864) 592-4284 or (800) 922-3676