Testing Center for Non-SCC Students

  • Note: The last date for Non-SCC students to test at the Giles Campus Testing Center is March 30, 2023.


    1) Student contacts SCC to inquire about testing at SCC Testing Center.
    There is a $25 fee per test and cost of mailing, if required.
    (If student attends a two year college in SC, the testing fee is waived.) 
    Student must obtain approval from instructor or the testing center administrator at home institution to test at SCC.
    Student provides contact information, including his/her name, phone number, e-mail, courses, and name of home institution (college). 
    Proctor emails an SCC Proctor Verification Form which must be completed by the home institution and returned via email (proctor-e3@sccsc.edu) .  If the home institution has an alternate form, SCC will review and complete, if appropriate. Once the signed and completed Off-Campus Proctor Verification has been returned and approved by the SCC Testing Center, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the Non-SCC student. 

    2) Non-SCC student must contact instructor at home institution and request that all testing information be sent to:


    SCC Testing Center
    P.O. Box 4386
    P. Dan Hull Building, Testing Center
    Spartanburg, SC 29305
    E-mail: proctor-e3@sccsc.edu

    3) The instructor needs to e-mail, or mail one or all of the following to the SCC Testing Center:
    The test
    Password (if needed)
    Any specific testing instructions

    4) Non-SCC student needs to contact the SCC Testing Center (864) 592-4966 to make sure all testing materials have been received by the center, and then schedule a date and time to take the test. At this time, SCC students will have priority in scheduling. 

    5) Prior to testing, the Non-SCC student needs to pay the $25 testing fee using cash or a credit/debit card at the Business Office, located in the Ledbetter Building, Room 120. Business office phone number is (864) 592-4661.

    6) If a paper test is given, the Non-SCC student must provide the mailing envelope completely pre-addressed and prepaid. SCC Testing Center does not send tests free of charge.

    7) On the test date, the Non-SCC student must:
    Provide a valid picture ID
    Present a paid receipt to the testing proctor
    Provide pre-paid and pre-addressed mailing envelope, if required.
    Sign Academic Integrity Form and SCC Testing Center Policies Form.


    No Watches are allowed in the testing center.


    Note: The Testing Center is under surveillance.

    Students are expected to conduct testing with integrity.

    A non-SCC student may lose the privilege to use SCC's proctoring service.