Testing Center

  • Take Tests in our Proctored Testing Center

    The SCC Testing Center provides a convenient, secure and distraction-free environment for a positive testing experience. Testing Center offers a range of assessment services including makeup testing and proctored online testing for students at SCC as well as other colleges.

    Due to the closure of the college, the Testing Center is closed. Please see your instructor’s directions for future testing.

    1. Who can test at SCC

      • SCC students completing make-up tests
      • SCC students taking online classes
      • Non-SCC students needing to take a proctored exam
      • For ACCUPLACER Testing, please call our Admissions Office at 592-4800.
    2. What do I need to do? 

      • Bring a picture ID, know the name of your instructor, and course number.
      • Watches should be removed.
      • Turn cell phone OFF or leave elsewhere.
      • Bring testing materials (calculators, pencils, etc.).
      • Place personal belongings (including drinks and hats), away from area as directed.
      • If testing at the Tyger River, Cherokee County, Downtown, or Union County Campuses, please obtain instructor permission and make an appointment by calling 24 hours in advance: 
        • Cherokee County Campus: (864) 206-2713
        • Downtown Campus: (864) 592-4076
        • Tyger River Campus: (864) 592-6190
        • Union County Campus: (864) 466-1060
        • Central Campus: (864) 592-4966 No appointments needed
      • Bring a paid receipt as a non-SCC student.
    3. Determine the area of testing you need

      My Math Lab  
      Hawkes Learning

      Call the Testing Center at (864) 592-4966 or email testingcenter@sccsc.edu for more information.

    4. Have testing accommodations?

      • Submit paperwork to Disability Services located in P. Dan Hull Building, PDH 4.
      • Obtain approval from Disability Services for any necessary testing accommodation.
      • Schedule an appointment for each test 24 hours in advance by contacting Student Disability Services.
    5. Important additional information

      Need more information?


      Note: The Testing Center is under surveillance.

      Students are expected to conduct testing with integrity.

      In the event of a violation, an SCC student would be subject to the SCC student code on academic misconduct.
      A non-SCC student may lose the privilege to use SCC's proctoring service.