Student Affairs

  • Student Affairs: focused on student growth and success

    Students are encouraged to visit Student Affairs with questions or concerns about their experience as a student at SCC. The office is located in the Dan L. Terhune Student Services Building, Suite 167. The mission of the Student Affairs is to provide quality services to enhance opportunities for career and academic achievement, personal and professional growth and lifelong learning. Student services that fall under the Student Affairs division include:

    COVID-19 Reporting

    Full transparency report for COVID-19 is updated weekly on our SCC Coronavirus COVID-19 Information Page. Please contact Tameka Whittenburg at or (864) 592-4418 for your next steps if:

    • You are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
    • You have tested positive for COVID-19
    • You have a household member that is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19
    • You have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

    Other Student Affairs Services

    If students currently enrolled wish to appeal grades or file a grievance, the Student Affairs Office is equipped to help with Student Appeal and Grievance Process (you must be a current student and log into MySCC Portal for this information). This office also houses information regarding Student Code, Title IX, Alcohol and Drug Policy, and Annual Security Report. Each academic year, the Student Affairs Offices organizes the Student Planner and Handbook (view or download from the publications library) for students so they have the academic calendar and other resources in one convenient publication.

    Student Emergency Fund Request

    Current students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation at SCC often seek monetary relief through SCC's Emergency Fund Request. Based on specific hardship circumstances and available funds (up to $500) we will make every effort to assist a student with one-time emergency needs through a designated Foundation fund.

    Resources & Information

    Download/view information about sexual violence, harassment and assault (PDF)