Student Disability Services FAQ

  • Who is SCC Student Disability Services?

    Spartanburg Community College provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals who have, have a history of, or are regarded as having a disability. The mission of Student Disability Services (SDS) is to provide accommodations in the most integrated setting that is appropriate. We will work with you to make your campus experience accessible it is then up to each student to make that experience successful.

    Who is eligible for Student Disability Services?
    Any currently enrolled students in degree and non-degree programs may register with Student Disability Services. SDS also provides services to sensory impaired individuals who wish to participate in campus events or use campus services.

    What documentation should I provide?
    Spartanburg Community College follows a common sense approach when granting accommodations. Generally, any individual who is requesting an accommodation should provide documentation unless the need for the accommodation is apparent without documentation. For example, a student in a wheelchair does not need to provide supporting documentation to request an accessible classroom. However, a student with a learning disability generally would have to provide acceptable documentation to support an accommodation request. SDS publishes documentation guidelines that are available on the SDS web site and in the SDS office.

    What do we do?
    Student Disability Services works with students and faculty to ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided to qualified individuals. SDS follows the guidelines of numerous laws, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    I have a learning disability. What services are available to me?
    The services provided by SDS are on an individualized basis. Academic accommodations will be provided based upon each student's unique needs.

    Does SDS provide tutoring?
    Generally, no, SDS does not provide tutoring. Tutoring is available in the Tutorial Learning Center (TLC) in Room E-2 in the P. Dan Hull Building.

    How do I receive accommodations?
    Individuals who desire an accommodation must inform Spartanburg Community College. Students should fill out an intake form, request accommodations, and meet with SDS staff if your disability limits your ability to come to the main campus we may be able to complete your file remotely. Please start this process as soon as you register for classes. Generally, you will not be eligible to receive an accommodation until your file is complete, so please respond to any SDS requests promptly.

    Will I receive accommodations each term that I attend SCC?
    The need for accommodations MUST be communicated to an SDS counselor each term. You must also let SDS know if your needs change, or if you adjust your course schedule after your file has been processed. It is your responsibility to keep SDS informed of your needs.

    Does Spartanburg Community College provide interpreting services?
    Yes. Student Disability Services provides interpreting services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. You do not need to be a student to use an SDS interpreter.

    How do I request an interpreter?
    To request an interpreter, contact Student Disability Services at or call (864) 592-4818. Please schedule your service as far in advance as possible.

    If I register with SDS, who will have access to my records?
    Student Disability Services will only discuss your academic accommodations with employees of Spartanburg Community College who have a legitimate academic interest, as defined by the Family Educational Privacy Rights Act (FERPA), in your file. Medical documentation will be kept strictly confidential and will only be viewed by employees of Student Disability Services, administrators of Spartanburg Community College, and regulatory agencies in the course of legitimate inquires. Spartanburg Community College does not collect genetic information about students.

    Does Spartanburg Community College have scholarships for students with disabilities?
    No. SCC does not have scholarships specifically for students with disabilities.

    Can I request attendance policy exemptions or course substitutions?
    Yes, but a committee will review your request. Please see an SDS counselor to start the process.

    I had an accommodation in high school, will I have the same accommodation in college?
    Many accommodations that were reasonable in high school are not considered reasonable in college. An SDS counselor will discuss your specific accommodation plan with you.

    I have been granted an accommodation, must I use it?
    No, you do not have to use your accommodations in college.

    Do I have the right to appeal any decisions made by SDS staff?
    Yes, you may call (864) 592-4815 to schedule an appointment to meet with Lynn Dale, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Retention.