Student Disability Services

  • Spartanburg Community College provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals who have, have a history of, or are regarded as having a disability. The mission of Student Disability Services (SDS) is to provide accommodations in the most integrated setting that is appropriate. We will work with you to make your campus experience accessible it is then up to each student to make that experience successful.

    Student Disability Services Information

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    1. Available Services

      Typical Accommodations Include:

      Extended (50%) time on exams

      Limited distraction testing rooms

      Note taker/tape recorded lectures

      Computerized oral testing software

      Priority Seating/Furniture Accessibility

      Brailled or large print handouts/exams


      Course Substitutions

      Alternate test design

      Four function calculator

      Sign language interpreter

      Word processor


      Registration/schedule assistance

      Visual media at the desk (graphics/transparencies)

      Individualized accommodations as appropriate

      Requesting a Sign Language Interpreter:

      To request Sign Language interpreters for events, meetings, class required activities, orientations, testing, communicating with the admissions office personnel, etc., that are facilitated by Spartanburg Community College, click on “ SCC Interpreter Request Form” below. Please fill out the request form as completely as possible.

      Interpreter Request Form - Click here for electronic form

      This request is NOT a confirmation of an Interpreter. We will contact you when your request has been filled.
      To request Sign Language interpreters for classes, you must first signed up with our office. Each semester bring a copy of your class schedule into the Student Disability Services office, E 30E. Interpreters will then be assigned to your classes.If you have not heard from us and would like to inquire about your request status, please email us at

    2. Student Responsibilities

      Spartanburg Community College follows a common sense approach when granting accommodations. Generally, any individual who is requesting an accommodation should provide documentation unless the need for the accommodation is apparent without documentation. For example, a student in a wheelchair does not need to provide supporting documentation to request an accessible classroom. However, a student with a learning disability generally would have to provide acceptable documentation to support an accommodation request. SDS publishes documentation guidelines that are available on the SDS web site and in the SDS office.

      In the Classroom
      Each student is encouraged to talk with his or her instructor about their approved accommodation plan – even before the term begins if possible. This will ensure that the instructor understands the accommodation plan, and it will give SDS time to adjust the accommodation plan based on instructor feedback. Please remember that your accommodations are designed to make the course accessible to you, but they will not ensure your success. You will still have to meet the instructor’s expectations for course performance.
    3. Forms