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  • Protect Your Computer

    Any up-to-date Malware protection is better than none at all! Out-of-date or expired malware protection software is like not having any protection. Microsoft Windows 8.1 thru 10 come with Windows Defender included. Sometimes you do have to activate it. Check these Free Anti-Malware protection options:


    The best protection against viruses and other malware infections starts with the basic rules:

    1. Make sure your virus protection and your Windows updates are current.
    2. If borrowing or using someone else s removable storage media, make sure and scan the drive before opening it.
    3. Only open attachments or emails from people you know and expect to receive emails or attachments.
    4. Save attachments to a temporary location and scan them before opening.
    5. Read carefully before you click. (look for misspelled words)
    6. Mouse over any links to see the actual address and make sure it s legitimate before clicking.

    The SCC IT Department has technicians located at four of our campuses. If you need some one-on-one assistance, our technicians are available during these hours: We d love for you to stop by!

    SCC Giles Campus
    Ledbetter Building, Suite 110, (864) 592-4682

    SCC Downtown Campus

    Evans Academic Center, 1st Floor, Room 180

    SCC Cherokee County Campus

    L. Hoke Parris Building, Room 210

    SCC Tyger River Campus

    Tyger River Building, Room 326

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