Enrollment Advising FAQ

Advising: Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of SCC student and advisor in advising center

Select from the list below to reveal the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see an answer to your question here, reach out to us in Enrollment Advising Services and we will help!

  1. How can the Enrollment Advising Services help me?

    In Enrollment Advising Services, you can meet one-on-one with a professional academic advisor. Enrollment Advisors will provide support and assistance in the following areas:

    • Course selection and registration
    • Educational planning
    • Information about campus support services
    • Explanation of prerequisites/corequisites and graduation requirements
    • Information about your program of study and much more!
  2. Who does Enrollment Advising Services assist?

    • All students who, after taking the entrance test, place into at least one transitional course (031/032/100).
    • New/Curriculum ready students for all program divisions: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Business, Computer Technology, Engineering, and Industrial.
    • All health science students that have NOT completed all zero and 100 level classes.
  3. Why do I need to see an advisor?

    Your advisor helps you clarify educational goals, discuss program requirements, course prerequisites, graduation requirements, academic progress, transfer information and much more!

    You are required to contact your advisor each semester for guidance on course selection. Advisors must approve your course selection plan before you can register for classes. 

  4. Do I have to attend college during the summer?

    You do not have to attend during the summer semester. However, it is important that you check with your advisor before making the decision not to attend. There are some specific programs, particularly in the health field, that require summer attendance. There are also some courses that are only offered during the summer. If you decide not to attend in the summer semester, this may delay your graduation.

  5. What is full-time status, and is that necessary?

    You must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student.

    Is full-time status necessary?
    You do not have to attend SCC full-time (12 credit hours). However, maintaining a full-time status allows you to earn your degree in a timely manner. We understand if you are unable to attend full-time, but we encourage students to do so whenever possible. Please note there are some financial aid programs and health insurance companies that require students to maintain full-time status.

  6. Where do I go to change my program?

    You should visit Enrollment Advising Services to request a program change. This can be done on the Giles Campus or an SCC campus site convenient to you.

  7. I hear "self-service" mentioned. What is Self-Service?

    Self-service provides students with information about financial aid, registration, and progress toward graduation. Login to MySCC Portal and click on Self-Service.

  8. How do I locate the name of my advisor?

    • Log into MySCC Portal
    • Click on Self-Service
    • Click on Plan & Schedule
    • Click the Advising Tab - advisor's name will be listed
  9. What is a Success Coach?

    A Success Coach is an enrollment advisor assigned to assist and support you in reaching your academic and career goals.  They can assist you with registration and student planning, connect you with SCC Student Support Services, and offer guidance to help you be a successful student.
  10. How Can I Reach My Success Coach?

    You can reach your Success Coach through the AVISO Success Team on the MySCC Portal.  Login to the MySCC Portal, go to Campus Applications for Students and select AVISO Success Team.