TLC Tutoring and More

  • What's For Me at TLC?

    TLC - The Rita Allison Learning Center - combines several student support functions in one convenient location on the Giles campus. TLC offers students academic support via one-on-one and group tutorials in many academic subjects, as well as an open computer lab with skilled assistance. Ask-A-Tutor allow online students to submit papers or questions to tutors and lab assistants. Tutoring services are available at all SCC locations. TLC features a state-of-the-art computer lab open to SCC students, offering skilled assistance in computer classes and software use.

    For more information visit our portal location.

    How to find us

    The Learning Center is located in the P. Dan Hull Building rooms 2, 5 and 6. Click here for a helpful map. Due to COVID-19, we request all students who come to The Learning Center wear a mask  to help protect themselves, other students, and the tutors.

  • Free Walk-In Tutoring Available...
    American Sign Language
    CPT 101

    What else is at TLC?

    Computer Tutors for Computer Classes
    78 Computers 
    Access to Power of Laptops
    Free Wi-Fi
    Video Recording Area
    Study Tables
    Four Printers

    What does TLC expect of me?

    Sign-In using school ID.
    Bring a beverage; eat food elsewhere.
    Put cell phones on silent or vibrate.
    Leave children at home.
    Use equipment respectfully.
    Adult material, games, and downloads are not allowed.
  • Ask a Tutor Is provided for students to submit essays, math questions, or English questions for tutor's response. If you are submitting a written assignment, please include your paper in WORD format and your instructions for the specific assignment. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENT THROUGH YOUR CLOUD/ONEDRIVE ACCOUNT. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR DUE DATE AND SCC ID # WITHIN THE EMAIL. Grammatical errors are noted generally for student correction. Turn-around time is 48 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays.

    Virtual Tutoring

    SCC tutors stand ready to help! Please see our MYSCC portal page located under the support services tab for more information on how to schedule an appointment. Sessions run approximately 30 minutes. 

    If you would like to register for a workshop please click this link. It will open an email. Include in the subject line the name of the Workshop. In the body include your name, the date and time of the offered workshop, and your instructor's name. Note - This link should only be used to sign-up for advertised workshops

    TLC services alumnae when resources permit.