TLC Tutoring and More

  • What's For Me at TLC?

    TLC - The Rita Allison Learning Center - combines several student support functions in one convenient location on the Giles campus. TLC offers students academic support via one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. Ask-A-Tutor allows online students to submit papers for review from a professional English tutor. Tutoring services are available at all SCC locations. TLC not only provides students with free tutoring, but also a space for quiet and group study. 

    For more information visit our portal location.

    How to find us

    The Learning Center is located in the P. Dan Hull Building rooms 2, 5 and 6. Click here for a helpful map

  • Free Walk-In Tutoring Available...
    American Sign Language
    CPT 101

    What else is at TLC?

    Quiet study space
    Group study space
    Available Computers
    select textbooks available for student use*
    (must be used while in the center)

    What does TLC expect of me?

    Sign-In using school ID.
    Bring a beverage; eat food elsewhere.
    Put cell phones on silent or vibrate.
    Leave children at home.
    Use equipment respectfully.
    Adult material, games, and downloads are not allowed.
  • Ask a Tutor Is a mailbox provided for students to submit essays for professional review. Grammatical errors are noted generally for student correction. Turn-around time is 48 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays.

    Virtual Tutoring

    SCC students are offered two options for virtual tutoring. Student can either access TutorMe 24/7 on-demand through their D2L Brightspace account or schedule a virtual tutoring schedule with a SCC tutor through Tutor Matching Service.