SCC Student Success Services and Support

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    SCC offers convenient student resources such as the on-campus bookstore and business office, and SCC library, and academic support services to better a student's college experience. SCC is proud to serve students active in the US Military as well as veterans. We also provide accommodations for students needing support through our Student Disability Services office.

    Beyond the Classroom

    SCC believes in the worth of individuals and their potential for growth and development. We believe in instilling a sense of college, and in fostering a caring environment appropriate for the personal and educational development of students.

    SCC Student Services is a collection of resources available to help students fulfill their college goals. Be sure to browse the various services offered at SCC in the navigational links.

    These student services are provided free of charge to SCC students who meet the eligibility requirements and offer the additional assistance many students need to succeed in college academic advising, career counseling, financial assistance, testing, tutoring and more. The main offices are located on SCC s Giles campus, and services are accessible at each SCC campus.

    Select specific service options from the navigation menu for more information.