Practicum Offerings

FFA Floriculture Practicums March 19, 2022


Identifying Plant Disorders (70 points)
Contestants will be given a picture of 7 plant diseases and insects (only) listed from the national FFA Floriculture CDE list to correctly identify.


·        Students will properly match the disease and insect image provided to its correct name.


Floral Arrangement: (65 points)

Contestants will demonstrate the ability to properly arrange plant foliage and flowers to create a worthy retail floral arrangement.


·       Contestants should be familiar with the suggested Design, Balance and Functionality suggested in the FFA CDE floriculture manual to properly design a retail floral arrangement.


FFA Nursery & Landscape Practicum

Pruning Nursery Stock: (40 pts)

 Contestants will demonstrate the proper techniques for pruning nursery stock plants (such as container trees).


·       Students will need to be familiar with the various types of pruning cuts (such as leader selection, heading, subordinating, etc…) and proper techniques and procedures for making various pruning cuts

·       Students should be familiar with locations to perform proper pruning cuts to promote good tree structure, health and aesthetic appeal.



Contestants will be presented a landscape plan and 20 questions concerning that plan. Participants should bring an engineer's and architect's scale, a calculator, and pencils. Click here for sample test.


  • Interpret a landscape drawing and its symbols
  • Select and read the proper scale for a drawing
  • Measure and calculate materials
  • Evaluate factors that effect costs


Objective 1:

  1. Interpret a Landscape Drawing 
  2. Be able to accurately count specimens using symbols.
  3. Explain direction North and single quotes indicating cultivars.

Objective 2:

  1. Select and Read a Scale
  2.  Select the proper type scale for the drawing
  3. Select the proper unit of scale for the drawing
  4. Use an engineer scale to measure distances

Objective 3:

  1. Perform Calculations Using the Scale
  2. Calculate square footage
  3. Calculate linear feet
  4. Calculate cubic yards
  5. Determine quantities of materials based on square footage and size of materials (example: number of pavers required) and rates of materials (example: calculating seed rates).

Objective 4:

  1. Determining Costs 
  2. Determine cost for installations based on plant cost, pay rate, time required to plant, and number of plants.
  3. Determine materials cost based on cost per unit and quantity needed. (sod, mulch, seed, plants) 

Landscape Estimating Exam 2003