Respiratory Care Expenses

  • An estimation of your program expenses is as follows:
    Below is only an estimation! Actual cost may vary.



    Refer to: Current Schedule


    Refer to: Current Schedule


    AApproximately $1,214 for the two years excluding the general education courses


    Approximately $150 for the two years

    Criminal Background Investigation & Drug Testing

    Approximately $85; required before final admission into the program

    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

    Approximately $45 through the American Heart Association


    Provided free: American Association for Respiratory Care

    Certification Self Assessment Exam

    Provided free by the program

    Registry Self Assessment Exam

    Provided free by the program

    Liability Insurance


    Health Form

    Cost Varies - To be completed by your physician


    Cost Varies - Depends on your immune status

    * These costs are an estimate only. This list does not include transportation costs, meals, laundering of uniforms, etc.,..