Respiratory Application Process

Applying to Respiratory Care Program

Application packets are available for download on this site the first two weeks of May. The applications will be turned in the following week. Check the main page for details.

NOTE: You must be a currently enrolled student at SCC to apply for this program! Apply to Spartanburg Community College if you are not already a current student. 
Students need to be accepted to Spartanburg Community College before applying for the program. All transcripts should be sent directly to the Spartanburg Community College Admissions department if you are transferring classes. Please contact them at (864) 592-4800 or with any questions regarding transcripts.
Students interested in the Respiratory Care program must submit a complete application packet in May of each year to be considered for acceptance to respiratory specific courses which start in the fall. Admission to the Respiratory Care program is competitive and should the number of applicants exceed the number allowed in the fall, admissions will be based on a “Selective Admission Ranking” which will be included in the admission packet. It is likely that some students will be placed on a wait list, while others will be advised to consider another curriculum or reapply for a future semester.

RES courses are offered in the day only on the main campus of SCC. Clinical practice may be scheduled in Cherokee, Rutherford, Spartanburg and Union Counties. Clinical practice starts at 6:45 a.m. Students are discouraged from working more than 20 hours per week and when clinical practice starts, students should have a backup system in place for daycare and transportation.

To apply, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. This interactive PDF can be used to calculate your GPA
We highly recommend you spend some time shadowing with a Respiratory Therapist before applying so you will better understand what we do.

Additional points will also be provided on the Selective Ranking form (PDF)
Students wanting to complete an observation at one of the designated clinical affiliates can find the information here Clinical Observation Sheet (PDF)

All applicants must be screened for criminal background and drugs.
Sample Application Packet