Radiologic Technology FAQ

    1. How do I apply for the Spartanburg Community College Radiologic Technology Program?

      General information about the Radiologic Technology application process:

      • All Radiologic Technology program announcements are advertised on the SCC Radiologic Technology main webpage

      • Only course grades of C or higher are accepted.  
      • Application deadlines are posted on the program website. 
      • Students are admitted based on a ranking system that includes grades earned in prerequisite courses, information session attendance, and the student cumulative grade point average (GPA).
    2. How many students are accepted each year to start the program?

      The number of students selected is dependent upon clinical site availability and maximum capacity as determined by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).
    3. I heard Spartanburg Community College has a waiting list to enter the Radiologic Technology program. Is this true and how long is the waiting list?

      The Spartanburg Community College’s Radiologic Technology Program does not have a waiting list for admission to the program. Interested students who are not accepted into the program are encouraged to reapply the following year.  
    4. What GPA is required for admission into the Radiologic Technology program?

      The student must have a minimum GPA of  2.50  on the prerequisite courses required courses for the program to be eligible to apply. 

    5. When can I apply for the Radiologic Technology program?

      • The application process for the Radiologic Technology program occurs once per year as indicated on the Radiologic Technology program webpage and typically follows the end of the spring term.  
      • The student must have completed at least one unit of High School Biology, Chemistry or Physics, AND one unit of High School Algebra, AND have completed the following courses in order to be eligible to apply for the Radiologic Technology program:


      Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
      COL 101 College Orientation 1
      MAT 110, 111, or 130
      (choose one)
      Mathematics General Education Course 3
      ENG 101 English Composition I 3
      BIO 112 Basic Human Anatomy/Physiology 4
      SPC 205 Public Speaking 3
    6. How long is the Radiologic Technology program?

      The Radiologic Technology program consists of 85 credit hours and is completed in six semesters on a full-time basis. The program begins in August of each year and students attend fall, spring, and summer terms each year. 

    7. Do all students have to go to all clinical sites throughout the program?

      Yes, all students spend equal time at all clinical sites throughout the two years.  Clinical site locations:

      • Spartanburg Medical Center
      • Spartanburg Medical Center – Mary Black Campus
      • Pelham Medical Center
      • Immediate Care Center – Reidville Road
      • NorthGrove Imaging
      • Cherokee Medical Center


      Travel to the sites is the responsibility of the student.

    8. Am I required to undergo a criminal background check and a drug screening to enter the program?

      All students must submit to a criminal background check and a drug screening upon entrance to the program. Specific information is provided to students at the mandatory program orientation.

    9. Are clinical hours during the daytime only?

      Students are provided a clinical schedule at the beginning of each semester. Clinical schedules include weekdays and weekends as well as first and second shift hours. The total number of clinical hours completed during weekends and second shift hours are less than 25% of the total number of clinical hours required by the program.  

    10. Will it be possible to work full-time and attend school?

      Many of our students have families, work, and attend school. The students are apprised during the program orientation of the number of hours required for the program so they may adjust work hours each semester to accommodate school schedules. Class and clinical schedules will not be adjusted for student work schedules. Students are advised to be disciplined and practice good time management skills throughout the program.  

    11. Is it expensive to take the Radiologic Technology courses?

      Spartanburg Community College’s tuition fees are very affordable. Our Financial Aid office will be glad to counsel with any student who needs advice to apply for grants, lottery, or scholarships.

      There are additional fees associated with the Radiologic Technology program such as uniforms/lab jackets, criminal background investigation and drug testing, CPR certification, testing fees, etc. 

      An estimate of expenses for the program can be found on the Radiologic Technology expenses web page.