Nursing FAQs

  • Common Questions about ADN Program

    Click the list below for answers to many of the frequently asked questions about the Associate Degree in Applied Sciences-Nursing (ADN) program at SCC.



    1. How Do I apply for the SCC Nursing Program? 

      General information about the ADN and PN application process can be found on the Nursing website under "Application Process."

      ALL Nursing program announcements are advertised on the SCC Nursing web site. Dates for upcoming application periods will be announced on this website. 

    2. What GPA score is required for admission into the ADN program?

      Your GPA must be 2.5. Your score is calculated based on the courses required for the ADN and PN curriculum.
    3. What if my GPA is not  high enough to enter the program? 

      We realize college life is challenging and students do not always achieve the grades they would like on certain courses. If a student does not meet the minimum 2.5 GPA, we strongly encourage the student to repeat a course or courses to in crease GPA score to meet the 2.5 GPA requirements.
    4. How many students do you accept each semester? 

      We accept 32-35 students each application period.
    5. What is the lowest point value on the Weighted Admissions Scoresheet that you accept?

      We never know what the point ranges will be until the applications are submitted. There is no absolute, lowest, "magical" number.
    6. I heard SCC has a waiting list to enter the nursing program, is this true and how long is the waiting list?

      SCC's Associate Degree in Applied Science - Nursing program DOES NOT have a waiting list for admission into the nursing program. We “wipe the slate clean” after each admission into the program. We feel that students are active participants in their success to enter the ADN program and with each course taken increasing their chances of being accepted.
    7. Why does a nurse have to take Biology, English, Math, and so forth? Nurses do not need to need to know all of that extra curriculum.

      As a nurse, you will need to be able to inpatient care:

      • Prepare and calculate drug and IV dosage for patients.

      • Discuss your patient’s needs both verbally and in written information.

      • Have a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the body and the body’s ability to function normally as well as in an ill state of health.

      • Manage and operate computer-generated patient care equipment and charting systems for daily care.

    8. I have taken most or all of my general education courses at another institution, will they transfer to SCC?

      The Registrar at SCC is the one who determines what courses will transfer in to the college from another institution. Once the student has applied to the college and been accepted, the student needs to have an official transcript sent to the Registrar (via Admissions) so courses can be matriculated. Students wishing to transfer courses to SCC from other institutions need to allow at least 4-6 weeks for transcripts to be evaluated by the Registrar at SCC.

    9. If I decide after completing my ADN to attend the university to complete my 4-year degree, will I be able to use my SCC credits?

      Yes, SCC courses are transferable to other colleges. You will need to have your transcripts evaluated by the college you wish to transfer to after SCC graduation.

    10. I really want to get through school fast. Can I speed up the process by “doubling up” my nursing courses? 

      The ADN program is a 5-semester (4 semesters of nursing courses) continuous curriculum, and each nursing class falls into a specific sequence building the nursing knowledge base with each course.

      The PN program is a 4-semester (3 semesters of nursing courses), continuous curriculum. 

    11. Will it be possible to work full-time and attend nursing school? I have a family to support, and school is so expensive.

      Many of our students have families, work, and attend school. The students are apprised in orientation of the number of hours required for the nursing curriculum, and they adjust work hours each semester to accommodate their school schedules.

      Many students can “multi-task” and experience no problems balancing school, family, and work. We advise students to remain disciplined and practice good time management skills during the 5 semesters of school

    12. Is it expensive to take nursing courses?

      SCC's tuition fees are very affordable. Our Financial Aid office will be glad to counsel with any student who needs advise to apply for grants, lottery, or scholarships. There are additional fees associated with the ADN program such as nursing equipment, lab jackets, uniforms, and testing fees.

    13. Is it better for me to take the Biology courses during the regular nursing curriculum course work or before I enter the “actual” ADN program? I heard the biology courses are very hard.

      Biology 210, 211 and 225 must be completed with a grade of a “C” or better before you can begin the program. You may apply while these courses are in progress, but you will not be awarded and points on the Selective Ranking Sheet. Admission into the nursing program is based on earned points by grades achieved on the general education courses. Completing as many of the general education courses (with grades of “B” or better) will increase your chances of admission into the ADN program.

    14. I have my LPN license, and I want to go back to school to get my RN license. Does SCC have an LPN to RN program or does SCC take into consideration that I have my LPN license?

      SCC no longer has the LPN to RN transition program. ALL students applying to the nursing program at SCC start at the beginning of the program. 

    15. I am currently enrolled in a nursing program at another college, and would like to transfer my nursing classes to SCC. How do I go about doing this? Can I test out of nursing classes I have taken at another program?

      At this time, the nursing program at SCC does not transfer nursing courses from other nursing programs. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not allow for testing out of nursing courses.

    16. I enrolled in one of the required biology courses but had to withdraw. Does this count as one of the 2 attempts?

      A withdrawal from Biology 210, 211, or 225 counts as an one of the two attempts for that biology course.

    17. I work full time and was wondering if you offer nursing classes at night or on the weekends or if I can I go to nursing school part time?

      The SCC Nursing Program does not have weekend or night classes. The nursing program is designed for students to complete their course work in 6 consecutive semesters. Each semester has a block of nursing courses that build on the nursing courses from the previous semester. Therefore, it is not feasible for a student to go to nursing school part time.


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