Nursing Application Process

  • Applying to ADN Program


    • Flex term classes for BIO 210 & BIO 211 being offered for Fall 2019



    For Spring 2021 admission class and all future classes, ALL applicants must submit TEAS scores with their application. Prior to 2021, it is recommended that students take the ATI TEAS. Please see the Selective Ranking Sheet for score breakdown of the TEAS test policy.

    Spartanburg Community College Associate Degree Nursing program's mission is to prepare an accountable, competent, responsible and technologically prepared nurse, who will be able to provide quality nursing care in diversified healthcare settings, advance in the practice of nursing, and function as an integral member of the healthcare team.

    Information Session and Program Vision

    The next ADN Information Session: TBA

    ADN Information Presentation: View/download ADN Information Session presentation (PDF)

    ADN Vision: SCC Associate Degree Nursing Program's vision is to build a solid framework for the professional development of the nursing student by maintaining educational excellence and modeling high standards throughout the program.

    ADN Student Handbook:
    View/download ADN Student Handbook
    2019-2020 (PDF)

    Admissions Packets for ADN:

    How to Apply for ADN Admission (PDF).  When applying to the nursing program, the following forms are to be completed in their entirety and submitted in a manila envelope on the application deadline day.

    NOTE: You must be a currently enrolled student at SCC to apply for this program!
 Apply to Spartanburg Community College if you are not already a current student. 
Students need to be accepted to Spartanburg Community College before applying for the program. All transcripts should be sent directly to the Spartanburg Community College Admissions department if you are transferring classes. Please contact them at (864) 592-4800 or with any questions regarding transcripts.

    Applications for the nursing program Spring 2020 be accepted October 15-17, 2019, between the hours of 8:30am -5:00pm:



  • Effective for the Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and admission class and all future classes, the Hepatitis B vaccine series will be required as part of the immunizations for the Nursing program. This is a 3-part immunization series:

    - Initial immunization

    - 2nd shot administered a minimum of 4 weeks later from initial

    - 3rd shot administered a minimum of 8 weeks later from 2nd shot


    Click the list below to view additional information about the application process for the Associate Degree in Applied Sciences-Nursing (ADN) program at SCC.


    1. General Information

      Students who will be transferring General Education courses into the ADN program should immediately request that transcripts be sent to the SCC admissions center for evaluation. It sometimes takes several weeks to process transfer credit. Transfer credit must be evaluated prior to acceptance into the ADN program. Therefore, the student should have transcripts sent now to avoid non-acceptance due to matriculation delays.

      Students must have a 2.5 GPA or greater on the required college courses for the ADN program. The Weighted Criteria Scoresheet defines those courses required for the ADN program to calculate your GPA (download the weighted admissions information packet). Use the SCC GPA calculator, or if your computer is equipped with Microsoft Excel, you can use this spreadsheet.

    2. Academic Criteria

      Applicable to all Associate Degree in Nursing Students
      View/download ADN Academic Criteria (PDF)
      1. A 2.5 GPA is the minimum acceptable GPA for admission to the program. The GPA is calculated based on required general education course grades. A 2.0 GPA (80%) on all nursing curriculum will be required for program progression and completion.

      2. After acceptance into the ADN Program, the student may not repeat more than one nursing curriculum course. After failing a course, the student must repeat and successfully pass the course with a grade of C or better before progressing to a subsequent nursing course. A second failure results in dismissal from the program.

      3. A letter grade of W, W/F, D or F constitutes one (1) attempt in a nursing course. After the unsuccessful second attempt of any nursing curriculum course (W, W/F, D or F), the student is withdrawn from the ADN program and is not eligible to reapply for two (2) years. Excluded from this requirement are any co-requisites that the student is required to drop. If there are extenuating circumstances, the student may withdraw from the current semester prior to the course(s) exam week(s) and be allowed to repeat the course(s) one time only during the subsequent semester. Each case will be evaluated by the ADN faculty and SCC Administration to determine if the student will be eligible to return the subsequent semester without penalty. Written documentation from the student may be required. Students who choose to sit out of the program for two consecutive semesters will be required to prove competency of all previously completed courses.

      4. The ADN student may be required to take standardized tests throughout the ADN program. The student is responsible for the cost of these exams.

      5. Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) materials are required for all semesters of study and are purchased from the Book Inn.

      6. Criminal Background Investigations (CBI) and a drug screen are required upon acceptance into the ADN Program. The host clinical healthcare site reserves the right to review the student clinical application CBI and to determine if a student may practice at their respective institution. If the host clinical healthcare site refuses to allow a student clinical practice at their facility, then the student is dismissed from the ADN program. Prior criminal or arrest charges may preclude the student from eligibility for taking the NCLEX - RN exam. Successful completion of this program does not ensure nursing licensure.

      7. The ADN student must complete all nursing curriculum courses within six (6) consecutive program semesters (excluding any summer terms) from the initial Program admission acceptance date. (Reference Readmission Policy and Procedure).

      8. ADN students are tested periodically for drug calculations and validation of knowledge of nursing practice standards for medication administration. The passing criteria are detailed within each course syllabus
    3. Important Information Regarding Biology Attempts

      Biology courses may only be attempted twice within a 7 year period for students pursuing the ADN degree. A withdrawal is considered an attempt. Effective August 2012, there is a seven (7) year limit on the biology courses within the curriculum.



    pt. Effective August 2012, there is a seven (7) year limit on the biology courses within the curriculum.