School of Business

Discover Your Career Path in the School of Business at SCC

Students have a variety of programs from which to choose within the SCC School of Business - from accounting to culinary arts - and programs designed for transfer to another college or university for a bachelor's degree! Hear from students, alumni and employers about their experiences with SCC School of Business.

SCC School of Business is headquartered at the SCC Downtown Campus in the Evans Academic Center, with the majority of classes available at this location.

Focused on management of warehousing and transportation, the Logistics program is housed at the SCC Tyger River Campus. To take full advantage of the state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, Culinary programs are taught at the  at the Giles campus.

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  • Programs & Opportunities

    Accounting, Administrative & Management

    Culinary Arts

    University Transfer

    SCC's University Transfer Program is designed to provide students with their freshman and sophomore years of a typical bachelor's degree through an Associate in Arts or Associate in Sciences degree earned at SCC. Upon completion, students can seamlessly transfer to any public four-year college in South Carolina (if student is accepted by that institution). Many credits also transfer to other in-state and out-of-state institutions. Several specialized transfer tracks are available.