Welding Programs Prepare You for Successful Careers

Looking for a high paying, high demand profession in today's competitive job market? The SCC Welding Program historically achieves above average placement rates with graduates working as welders, fitters or fabricators. Starting salary upon graduation ranges from $18-$25/hr. Welding students acquire skills in Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Oxy-Fuel Cutting, with an emphasis on Industrial Safety. The Welding Programs at SCC offers a certificate or a degree program depending on where you want to go with your career. Get started today!

Technical Scholars Program

The Technical Scholars program offers students the unique opportunity to expand learning beyond the classroom to develop skills for a real-world experience. Students participating in this program attend classes full-time at SCC, in an eligible degree program, while working part-time with a sponsor company, who may also provide tuition assistance for the student. Eligible programs of study and application periods vary depending on the company sponsor. Programs of study may include, Automated Manufacturing TechnologyElectronics Engineering TechnologyMechatronicsMachine Tool TechnologyAutomotive Technology, and Welding. Find out more information about applying to Technical Scholars by contacting Andi Moose in Career Services at (864) 592-4820 or email career@sccsc.edu.

Welding Programs
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  1. Welding Certificate

  2. Welding, AAS Degree

  3. Advanced Welding Certificate

  4. Fabrication Welding Certificate


Program Information
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Students will major in Welding and minor in a secondary specialty specific to their educational and career goals.
1.Take COL-101 ECO-201 ENG-165 MAT-155 AND MAT-170 2.TAKE ONE COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ART-101 ART-107 ART-108 ENG-102 ENG-228 HSS-101 MUS-105 PHI-101 PHI-105 PHI-110 REL-101 REL-104 REL-105 REL-201 OR THE-101 3.TAKE ONE COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ANT-101 ECO-201 ECO-210 ECO-211 GEO-101 GEO-102 HIS-101 HIS-102 HIS-104 HIS-105 HIS-115 HIS-201 HIS-202 HSS-205 PSC-201 PSC-215 PSC-220 PSY-103 PSY-201 SOC-101 SPC-209 OR SPC-212
1. TAKE WLD-103,WLD-106, WLD-115,WLD-117,AND WLD-212 2. TAKE 12 CREDITS FROM ACR-101, ACR-106, ACR-118, EGT-104, MTT-112, MTT-152, MTT-153, OR MTT-250
TAKE WLD-105, WLD-109, WLD-132, WLD-154, WLD 208 AND WLD-228



Contact Info

Kelby Bond
Program Director

Phone: (864) 592-4262


Derek Horne 
Cherokee County CAMIT

Phone: (864) 206-2643