Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology


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  1. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology Certificate

  2. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology, AAS Degree

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Students will major in HVAC and minor in a secondary specialty specific to their educational and career goals.
1. TAKE COL-101 ENG-165 MAT-155 AND MAT-170 2. TAKE ONE COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ART-101 ART-107 ART-108 ENG-102 ENG-228 HSS-101 MUS-105 PHI-101 PHI-105 PHI-110 REL-101 REL-104 REL-105 REL-201 OR THE-101 3. TAKE ONE COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ANT-101 ECO-201 ECO-210 ECO-211 GEO-101 GEO-102 HIS-101 HIS-102 HIS-104 HIS-105 HIS-115 HIS-201 HIS-202 HSS-205 PSC-201 PSC-215 PSC-220 PSY-103 PSY-201 SOC-101 SPC-209 OR SPC-212
1. TAKE ACR-101, ACR-106, ACR-110, ACR-118, ACR-120, ACR-130, ACR-140, ACR-175, ACR-210, ACR-221, ACR-224, AND ACR-240 2. TAKE 12 CREDITS FROM COURSES EEM-107 EEM-117 EEM-118 EEM-151 EEM-152 EEM-211 IMT-102 IMT-114 IMT-131 IMT-163


Upon completion of an HVAC-Refrigeration program at SCC, you'll find excellent employment opportunities. The demand for skilled technicians and professionals is always growing. Start today in this "cool" program and come out into a "hot" profession!

Professional opportunities include:
Helper (installation and service) (residential and commercial)
Installer (equipment and controls) (residential and commercial)
Installer (duct systems and sheet metal work) (residential and commercial)
Service Technician (residential and commercial)
Preventative Maintenance Technician (residential and commercial)
Energy Management Technician (residential and commercial)
Maintenance Technician for Schools, Industrial Plants and Property Managers
Counter help at Supply or Parts Warehouses
Restaurant Ice Machines, Coolers, and Freezers
Residential Small Appliances
Service Manager at HVAC company
Estimator at HVAC company
Owner of your own HVAC business

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HVAC and Refrigeration Programs
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