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  1. Mechatronics Technology Certificate

  2. Mechatronics Technology, AAS Degree

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Machine tool technology students learn to set up and operate all standard machine tools. They acquire knowledge and skills in mathematics, blueprint reading, drafting, metals and heat treatment, precision measuring equipment, and computer numerical control (CNC).
1. TAKE COL-101, ENG-165, MAT-155 AND MAT-170 2. TAKE 1 COURSE FROM ANT-101,ECO-201,ECO-210, ECO-211,GEO-101,GEO-102,HIS-101,HIS-102,HIS-104, HIS-105,HIS-115,HIS-201,HIS-202,HSS-205,PSC-201, PSC-215,PSC-220,PSY-103,PSY-201,SOC-101,SPC-209, OR SPC-212 3. TAKE 1 COURSE FROM ART-101,ART-107 ART-108,ENG-102,ENG-228,HSS-101, MUS-105,PHI-101, PHI-105,PHI-110,REL-101,REL-104,REL-105,REL-201, OR THE-101
TAKE EGT-104,EGT-108,EGT-152, EGT-245,MTT-112,MTT-113,MTT-152, MTT-153,MTT-249,MTT-255,MTT-258, AND MTT-270
TAKE MTT-250, MTT-252, AND MTT-254 AND MTT-285




Manufacturing, industrial and engineering technology programs prepare students to be machinists, technicians, fabricators and much more. Careers in advanced manufacturing are growing and in demand more than ever!

If you are mechanically inclined and interested in an industrial career, programs in the Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Technologies (CAMIT) may be for you.

BMW Scholars Program

The BMW Scholars Program allows eligible students to attend class full-time at local community colleges while working part-time at BMW in order to further their education requirements, gain the necessary hands on experience, and to become viable candidates for full-time positions at BMW. Degrees currently being considered are Machine Tool, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Mechatronics and Automotive. Find out more information about applying to BMW Scholars by contacting SCC Career Services at (864) 592-4820 or email

Machining Technology

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Carroll Cagle, Program Director

Phone: (864) 592-4733