Process Control Technology

  • Process Control Technology - PCT Opportunities are Limitless!

    During the past decade, the upstate region of South Carolina has seen a sharp increase in the number of industries that need an advanced manufacturing focused workforce. SCC answered this call by developing strong programs with concentrations on industrial maintenance and motion control applications.

    While these programs are very successful, industry still requires individuals with a different skillset to handle specialized advanced manufacturing situations. These scenarios are concerned with automation and control of physical parameters in manufacturing systems such as pressure, flow, level, temperature, pH, humidity, mixing ratios, and chemical reactions. The Process Control Technology Program, as part of CAMIT* at SCC, is ready to meet this need.

    Many of our classes offer extensive hands-on training in lab environments so students may practice concepts learned in the classroom. These lab environments feature state-of-the-art equipment and simulations built to emulate the highest production standards and best practices.

    1. Process Control Technology Certificate

    2. Process Control Technology, AAS Degree

    Certificate: Process Control Technology

    A three-semester program that spans an entire academic year starting in the fall and ending with a summer semester.
    The program awards a Certificate in Process Control Technology. This certificate may be applied as credit toward PCT general Associate in Applied Science Degree (Process Control Technology - General Technology, AAS).

    Associate Degree: Process Control Technology

    Beginning Fall 2019, PCT is expanding to offer AAS degree: Process Control Technology - General Technology, AAS. This program is 5 semesters and begins in the fall. Opportunities for employment grow significantly beyond the certificate program, opening doors at more companies for career growth and success.

    Professional opportunities for PCT Technicians include:

    Process Technician, Process Operator, Process Control Room Operator, Maintenance Technician, Chemical Process Technician, Chemical Process Operator, Boiler Technician/Operator, Distillation Process Technician/Operator, Chemical Reactor Technician/Operator, Food Processing Technician/Operator, Beverage Processing Technician/Operator, Pulp and Paper Technician/Operator, Power Plant Technician/Operator, Oil Refinery Technician/Operator, Pharmaceutical Process Technician/Operator, Pump Technician/Operator, Filtration Technician/Operator, Control Room Technician/Operator, Lubrication Technician/Operator, Data logging Technician/Operator, PLC Technician/Operator, Distributed Controls Technician/Operator, Instrumentation Technician/Operator, Instrumentation Specialist, Petroleum Drilling, Technician/Operator, Chemical Cracking Technician/Operator, Wastewater Technician/Operator, Mining Technician/Operator, Metal/Ore Refining Technician/Operator, Heat Treating Technician/Operator, Ceramic Process Technician/Operator, Extrusion Technician/Operator, Plastic Extrusion Technician/Operator, Composite Process Technician/Operator, Polymer Manufacturing Process Technician, Controls Technician/Operator, Sensor Technician/Operator, Composite Technician, Nuclear Technician

    Download Process Control program brochure (PDF)

  • Are you interested in working with any of the equipment typically found in these industries:

    • Oil and Gas
    • Chemical Production
    • Power Generation
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Water and Wastewater Treatment
    • Food and Beverage
    • Pharmacueticals
    • Mining
    • Composites
  • Students in Process Control Technology will cover a variety of topics:

    • Measurement techniques
    • Industrial health, safety, and environmental practices
    • Equipment and systems specific to process industries
    • Operating procedures under normal, maintenance, and emergency conditions
    • Industrial instrumentation
    • Process troubleshooting
    • Quality control concepts
    • Composite material manufacturing processes

Workforce Pathways Scholarship Funds are now available to cover tuition for the PCT Program! Contact us for details at (864) 592-4900.