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If you are interested in an industrial career, one of our diploma, certificate or degree programs in the Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Technologies (CAMIT) may be for you. Manufacturing, industrial and mechatronics programs prepare students to be machinists, technicians, fabricators and much more. Opportunities are plentiful with education from our programs.

Technical Scholars Program: Work While You Learn

The BMW Scholars Program allows eligible students to attend class full-time at local community colleges while working part-time at BMW in order to further their education requirements, gain the necessary hands on experience, and to become viable candidates for full-time positions at BMW. Degrees currently being considered are Machine Tool, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Mechatronics and Automotive. Find out more information about applying to BMW Scholars by contacting Jennifer Little in Career Services at (864) 592-4808 or email

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This program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in automotive-related and other advanced manufacturing companies. The degree provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of advanced manufacturing production processes, equipment, design, and operation.
1. TAKE COL-101 ENG-165 MAT-155 AND MAT-170 2. TAKE 1 COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ART-101 ENG-201 ENG-202 ENG-205 ENG-206 ENG-208 ENG-209 FRE-102 GER-102 HSS-101 MUS-105 PHI-101 PHI-110 SPA-102 SPA-201 SPA-202 OR THE-101 3.TAKE 1 COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ANT-101 ECO-201 ECO-210 ECO-211 GEO-101 GEO-102 HIS-101 HIS-102 HIS-104 HIS-105 HIS-201 HIS-202 HSS-205,PSC-201 PSC-215 PSY-103 PSY-201 PSY-203 PSY-212 SOC-101 SOC-102 OR SOC-205
1. TAKE AMT-101 AMT-106 AMT-110 AMT-209 AMT-220 IMT-103 IMT-110 IMT-114 IMT-171 IMT-172 IMT-173 AND IMT-174 2. TAKE EEM-105 EEM-107 EGT-123 AND MGT-150
TAKE CWE-123, CWE-124, CWE-134, AND CWE-214
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