SCC Student Off-Site Testing

  • Testing Procedures for SCC Students at Off-Campus Sites

    Note: If you want to test at an SCC site other than where you attend class, you must obtain your instructor's permission.
    The following presumes that the student has already obtained approval from all instructors.

    1) SCC student must contact Instructor for permission to test off-campus.
    2) SCC student contacts the testing administrator of the institution at which he/she would like to test. Any fees charged are the responsibility of the student.
    3) Student requests that SCC Testing Center (592-4966) send “Proctor Contract Form” to the proposed testing institution.
    4) Institution completes and returns form to SCC Testing Center and/or Director by:
        Fax to 864-592-4208 or
    5) SCC Testing Center e-mails student/instructor when proctor authorization (Proctor Contract Form) is complete providing necessary contact information.
    6) Instructor sends testing materials to the off-campus proctoring institution with specific return instructions.
    7) Student contacts proctoring institution to set testing date and time within the guidelines set by SCC instructor.
    8) Prior to testing, the proctoring institution must have the SCC student present a valid picture ID.
    9) Once test is administered, testing proctor returns all testing instructions and all exam materials directly to the instructor.

  • Contact Info

    Testing Center

    AddressP. Dan Hull Building, E-3

    Phone: (864) 592-4966

    Fax: (864) 592-4208

    CLOSED on following Holidays:

    September 5th | Labor Day

    October 5th - 8th | Fall Break

    November 23rd - 27th | Thanksgiving Holiday



    SCC Central Campus | Fall Semester

    Mon - Thur | 8:00am-8:00pm

    Friday | 8:00am-1:30pm


    Cherokee County Campus

    (864)206-2713 by appointment


    Tyger River Campus

    (864)592-6190 by appointment


    Union Campus

    (864)466-1060 by appointment


    Downtown Campus

    (864)592-4076 by appointment