Non-SCC Student Testing

  •  Note: SCC is unable to test students who attend International Colleges and Universities.

    November 18th - Last day for Non-SCC students to test.


     1) Student contacts SCC to inquire about testing at SCC Testing Center.
        · There is a $25 fee per test and cost of mailing, if required.
        · If student attends a two year college in SC, the testing fee is waived.
        · Student must obtain approval from instructor or the testing center administrator at home institution to test at SCC.
        · Student provides contact information, including his/her name, phone number, e-mail, courses, and name of home institution (college).
        · Proctor emails/faxes an SCC Proctor Verification Form which must be completed by the home institution and returned via email ( or fax 864-592-4208. If the home institution has an alternate form, SCC will review and complete, if appropriate. Once the signed and completed Off-Campus Proctor Verification has been returned and approved by the SCC Testing Center, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the Non-SCC student.

    2) Non-SCC student must contact instructor at home institution and request that all testing information be sent to:
        SCC Testing Center
        P.O. Box 4386
        P. Dan Hull Building, Testing Center
        Spartanburg, SC 29305

    Fax: 864) 592-4208

    3) The instructor needs to fax, e-mail, or mail one or all of the following to the SCC Testing Center:
        · The test
        · Password (if needed)
        · Any specific testing instructions

    4) Non-SCC student needs to contact the SCC Testing Center (592-4966) to make sure all testing materials have been received by the center, and then schedule a date and time to take the test.
    5) Prior to testing, the Non-SCC student needs to pay the $25 testing fee using cash or a credit/debit card at the Business Office, located in the Ledbetter Building, Room 120. Business office phone number is 864-592-4661.

    Business Office Hours:
    · Monday & Tuesday: 7:30 am until 6:00 pm
    · Wednesday & Thursday: 7:30 am until 5:00 pm
    · Friday: 7:30 am until 1:30 pm

    6) If a paper test is given, the Non-SCC student must provide the mailing envelope completely pre-addressed and prepaid. SCC Testing Center does not send tests free of charge.

    7) On the test date, the Non-SCC student must:
        ·  Provide a valid picture ID
        · Present a paid receipt to the testing proctor
        · Provide pre-paid and pre-addressed mailing envelope, if required.
        · Sign Academic Integrity Form and SCC Testing Center Policies Form.

        · No Watches are allowed in the testing center.


    Note: The Testing Center is under surveillance.

    Students are expected to conduct testing with integrity.

    A non-SCC student may lose the privilege to use SCC's proctoring service.

  • Contact Info

    Testing Center

    AddressP. Dan Hull Building, E-3

    Phone: (864) 592-4966

    Fax: (864) 592-4208

    CLOSED on following Holidays:

    September 5th | Labor Day

    October 5th - 8th | Fall Break

    November 23rd - 27th | Thanksgiving Holiday



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