Non-High School Graduate

  • If you are at least 18 years of age, but have not earned a high school diploma or a GED, you may apply for admission into selected industrial technology certificate programs only. These programs include welding, machine tool technology, or HVAC and refrigeration technology. It is also required that you enroll in and complete an adult education program to receive a GED before graduating from any SCC program. We encourage you to contact an admissions specialist to help you in your admissions process.

    Steps to Enroll as a Non-High School Graduate

    1. Apply to SCC

      Apply online or at any SCC campus location. A non-refundable $25 application fee is required to submit an application. Application fee payment details.

      Once you’ve applied, log into your
      My SCC Portal account, and access your SCC email account. See instructions here.
    2. Enroll in GED/Adult Education Program

      It is an admissions requirement that non-high school graduates enroll in an adult education program to complete a GED. Once you complete an SCC application, an admissions specialist will refer you to a program.

      Enrollment in the SCC program is based on your concurrent and continuing participation in adult education classes. A GED or high school diploma must be obtained you can apply to graduate from a program.
    3. Take Entrance Test

      Visit the Admissions Center and complete the placement skills assessment (Accuplacer).

      Find out more about
      placement testing.

      Meet with an admissions counselor to discuss your placement test results and the campus resources and services that are available to you.

    4. Confirm Acceptance, See Advisor & Register

      Confirm your acceptance into the College by visiting or calling the SCC Admissions Center at any SCC location

      Once accepted, an Academic Advisor will assist you with advising and registering for classes.
    5. Pay Tuition & Fees

      Follow up with the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office to confirm that your tuition and fees are paid.

      Don’t get deleted!
        If you have not paid your tuition by the specified deletion dates, you will lose your class schedule and have to pay $75 to re-register.

      Once tuition and fees are paid, obtain your parking decal at the Business Office, have your SCC student ID made in the Admissions Center, and purchase books for classes at The Book Inn.

      Congrats! Now you are ready for classes!


  • Admissions Center

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    Mail to: PO Box 4386, Spartanburg SC 29305

    Phone: (864) 592-4800

    Toll Free: (866) 591-3700

    Fax: (864) 592-4564

    Mon - Thu | 8:00am-6:00pm

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