Book Fund Request

  • Book Fund Request

    There are times when a students finds themselves in a difficult financial situation and seek monetary relief through the SCC Foundation (SCCF).  Over the years, SCC Foundation has raised private dollars to create an specific fund designated to assist students with the cost of textbooks that are purchased through the Book Inn, SCC campus bookstore in the amount up to 85% of total book cost, not to exceed $750.

  • The Sherry Vaughn Book Fund Request

    Please submit your information so we may review your funding needs. Based on specific hardship circumstances we will make every effort to assist a student with one-time per academic year book fund needs through a designated SCC Foundation fund. NOTE: This fund has a limit of up to $750, and ONLY pays up to 85% of the total cost for any book(s) purchase. The student is responsible for a minimum of 15% or more of the total cost. 

    Allow five (5) business days to process this information. Notification of final application decision will be sent via email.
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