• Application for SCC scholarships

    Scholarships are gifts that do not require repayment. They can be awarded based on various criteria such as academics, hometowns, gender, ethnicity or program of student. Some scholarships are even renewable from year-to-year. All academic scholarships are administered through the Spartanburg Community College Foundation and the SCC Financial Aid Office. Selection of recipients is made by the Spartanburg Community College Scholarship Committee (except in the case where an established set of guidelines provide for a special selection committee). To apply, select the link below.  

    The online application is available from January 2 through April 15 each year.

    Learn more about scholarships by viewing our "Guide to Financial Aid, Veterans Affairs & Scholarship" brochure.

    SCC Foundation Scholarships

    These are scholarships funded through the SCC Foundation. This scholarship application form on this web page is available January 2 - April 15 each year. You may obtain a paper application from the financial aid office.

    Community Scholarships

    These scholarships are from organizations outside of Spartanburg Community College. They each have separate applications. If awarded, these scholarships are administered through SCC's Business Office.

    Funding Assistance for Currently Enrolled Students

    John and Putsy Wardlaw Student Emergency Fund Request

    Current students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation at SCC often seek monetary relief through SCC's Emergency Fund Request. Based on specific hardship circumstances and available funds (up to $1,000) we will make every effort to assist a student with one-time emergency needs through a designated Foundation fund.


    Scholarship Application

    SCC Foundation Scholarships Application is open January 2 - April 15. Use the online form below to apply. Please see other scholarships that may be available listed under scholarships in our community. 

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