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At Union County Adult Education, students improve their lives every day.  Each student has a different reason for starting in adult education and a different goal.  Every day, we help students:

  • Earn their GEDs or high school diplomas
  • Complete WIN Career Readiness Certificates
  • Dual-enroll in employment training
  • Improve reading, writing, and math skills

No matter what your reason for returning to school, we can help you achieve your goal, too.  We offer our courses in a welcoming, supportive environment.  We have small classes that allow us to focus on your specific goal, and we help design an individualized plan for your future.  We will help you overcome your barriers and will celebrate your successes with you.

  1. Offerings

    High School Credential

    We have two options if you want your high school credential: GED and diploma.  For the GED track, you must complete all four subtests of the GED test.  For the diploma track, you must complete the 24 units required by Union County Schools.  Both tracks result in your high school credential, accepted by community colleges and employers.  If you aren’t sure which track to pursue, we can help you decide.

    For the GED track, you will take classes geared towards the GED subject tests: mathematics, science, social students, and language arts.  We will monitor your progress through TABE testing and help you decide when you’re ready to take your GED test.

    For the diploma track, we will evaluate your transcript to see which high school units you have remaining.  You will complete most of your classwork online through Odysseyware.

    We require that you come on campus 5 hours per month, but we always encourage you to come more often for additional support.


    While working on your high school credential, you can also earn a career certification.  We currently offer dual-enrollment in welding, mechatronics, and construction.

    Career Readiness

    As part of your classes, you will improve your employability skills, too.  These skills are vital in getting a job or getting a better job.  We regularly offer testing for your WIN Career Readiness Certificate, which many employers and programs now require.

    Skill Improvement

    Students have different reasons for wanting to improve their skills, from needing a refresher before taking a college placement test to wanting to help their children with homework.  Whatever your reason, we can help if you need to improve yours.  Even if you already have your high school credential or are not interested in pursuing it, you can still work on improving your literacy skills.

  2. Getting Started

    To get started with any of our classes, you need to attend a two-day orientation.  You must attend both days of orientation.  

    The first day of orientation is from 8:00 am-12:00 pm.  The second day of orientation is from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Please be on time.  If you arrive 10 or more minutes late, we will direct you to the next orientation session.

    You will need your photo ID and your social security number.

    During orientation, you will complete paperwork and complete a test (TABE).  TABE tests your reading and math
    skills to tell us what skills you need to work on in class.

    Fall 2019 Orientation Schedule
    August 26th and August 27th
    October 7th and 8th
    November 18th and 19th

    Spring 2020 Orientation Schedule
        January 13th and 14th
        January 27th and 28th
        February 17th and 18th
        March 9th and 10th
        April 13th and 14th

    *The April orientation will be the last orientation until August 2020.

  3. Resolving Barriers


    Our courses are free.

    GED does charge a testing fee – it is $37.50 per subject.  We can provide you with a voucher covering the

    entire testing fee if you are a current student who meets attendance and testing requirements.


    To succeed, you must commit to your education.  We expect for you to attend class, but we also understand that you have other responsibilities.  We offer our classes throughout the day and evening and have hybrid options, too.


    If you have a documented disability, you can request accommodations for your classes and TABE testing.

    GED must approve accommodations for all GED testing.  You can apply for GED accommodations online at any time, but you should allow at least 6 weeks.  You can find information on GED accommodations here.


    If you have something preventing you from coming to class, please let us know.  For many barriers, we can refer you to one of area partners who can help.  Depending on your circumstances, our partners can help you with everything from transportation to childcare.




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