Dropping and Adding Classes

  • Students are responsible for dropping classes.

    The add/drop period is the first five (5) instructional days of the fall, spring and summer full terms.  The add/drop period for the FlextStart terms in the fall, spring and summer is the first two-three (2-3) instructionals days of the term, depending on the term.  During the add/drop period students may drop courses without academic penalty and students may add only courses that have not yet met.  Admittance to courses that have already met (including hybrid, online or mixture) is at the discretion of the department chair. 

    It is important for students to be aware of the deadlines to drop classes each term. If a student stops attending class and does not drop the course, the instructor will calculate a grade at the end of the term which may result in a grade of F for the course. It is the responsibility of the student to insure that a class is dropped. Students not dropping a class prior to the deadline will receive the grade they earn in the class.

    After the census date for each term, a grade of "W" will be awarded for all classes dropped.

    Students should check with the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a classe to see if, and how, their financial aid will be affected.

    The quickest way to drop a class is through the SCC Portal.  To drop a class go to WebAdvisor > Registration > Register and Drop Classes.  Students will not be allowed to add or drop classes online if they have a restriction on their account.  In this case, paper drop forms are available at any campus locations. 

    Faculty/Advisor signatures are not required to drop a class.

    Students will be allowed to drop classes through the 75% point of the term. Neither a student nor an instructor can initiate a withdrawal during the last 25% of the course except in extenuating circumstances, with documentation approved by the appropriate department chair and academic dean.

    Drop forms will not be accepted after the deadline to drop classes.

    Students may be reinstated in a class at the discretion of the instructor.

    The date a drop form is received by Student Records will be recorded as the last date the class was attended by the student.

    Check the SCC Portal for details or call (864) 592-4681 for additional information.


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