Learn the basic techniques of riding a motorcycle! If you have little or no riding experience, then this three-session class is designed for you! This course follows the 5x5x10 configuration for the recently updated Beginning Rider Curriculum (BRCu) and consists of 10 hours of classroom time and 10 hours of range exercises. You will become familiar with the location and operation of controls and practice starts, stops, turns and shifting. Control and balance are two key factors to successful riding. This course meets standards set by SC law for an insurance discount. No license needed; however if you are interested in receiving the DMV License waiver, then you must have a valid S.C. motorcycle learner's permit prior to class. Students with a learner's permit, who successfully complete the written and riding assessments, will qualify for a S.C. Motorcycle License Endorsement. This endorsement must be taken to DMV within 30 days of course completion to receive a motorcycle license. Class prerequisite: Enrollees must be eligible for a motorcycle driver's license and able to ride a bicycle. Motorcycles are provided. Required clothing: Over-the-ankle footwear, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long (non-flare) denim pants or material of equal durability; and full-fingered gloves, preferably leather.
Academic Level
Continuing Education
Motor Vehicle Operators