Students must complete the Verified Credentials process before registering for class. Registrations must be done in-person at Corporate & Community Education in the Tracy Gaines Building, Room G-17. Please see additional registration requirements below after the Course Description regarding the Verified Credentials process.  REGISTRATION WILL BE CUT-OFF THREE DAYS PRIOR TO CLASS START DATE.

This course will take you all the way from learning about what blood is and does to when and how to draw it. You will be able to sit for the ASCP national exam and begin working in a variety of healthcare settings. When you finish your clinical time, you will be ready to enter this fast paced career. Students MUST complete the Verified Credentials process which includes: vaccination verification, tuberculosis screening, drug screen, and background investigation before registering. The introduction letter and instructions to this process can be found under the course description listed as additional information. Cost is estimated at $117.80. A flu shot will also be required if the clinical portion is between October through March. Tuition is required at the time of registration. Registrations must be made in person at the Spartanburg Corporate & Community Education Department, Tracy Gaines Building, Room G-17. CUT-OFF DATE FOR REGISTRATIONS IS 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CLASS START DATE. This course is a total of 164 hrs. After successful completion of this program it is strongly recommended that students take The ASCP National Certification for Phlebotomy Technicians. The ASCP exam cost is approximately $135. The application and referral letter will be available at the end of the course.
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