SCC Open House Features Local Industries

Article by: Charles Warner | Union Daily Times

Three local industries will take part in Thursday’s open house at the Union County Advanced Technology Center sponsored by Spartanburg Community College.

The open house, which will be held from 4-7 p.m., is being sponsored by SCC to promote the programs and services the college offers at its Upstate campuses, including the Union County Advanced Technology Center. Faculty and staff from the technology center and SCC’s various divisions will be present to talk to students, parents and members of the community about the programs offered by the college that can lead to jobs in high-demand and high-growth industries.

Site Coordinator Kathy Jo Lancaster said Tuesday that in addition to technology center and other SCC staff and faculty being on hand, three local industries will also take part in the open house.

“Wallace Thomson Hospital, Haemonetics, and Dollar General will represent their industrial sectors,” Lancaster said. “They will be talking to students about career opportunities that align with Spartanburg Community College’s programs and services at the Union County Advanced Technology Center.”

BMW Technical Scholars
In addition to local industries, Lancaster said that representatives from the BMW Technical Scholars program will be participating in the open house.

Thursday will be the first time representatives from the technical scholars program have participated in the open house and Lancaster said they will be answering questions about the program.

Lancaster said the program allows students interested in careers in manufacturing to attend class full-time while working part-time at BMW’s manufacturing facility. She said while they are participating in the program the students receive tuition assistance from BMW.

Work Ready

Another aspect of the open house is increased public awareness of the Union County Work Ready Community Plan which includes linkages to K-12 career development and career and technical education as well as specialized training programs at the technology center.

The goal of the Union County Work Ready Community Plan is to provide local industry with a trained workforce and Union County residents with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully compete for jobs in the high-tech, information-based global economy of the 21st century.


In addition to receiving information on educational and career opportunities, those who attend the open house will have the opportunity to win door prizes and/or a $500 scholarship.

Lancaster said that when they enter the door, persons attending the open house will register for the scholarship and the door prizes. She said if they win the scholarship they can use it to attend classes at the technology center or any other Spartanburg Community College campus.


The most popular course offering at the advanced technology center is its welding program which will again be offered during the fall semester.

Lancaster said Tuesday that, as in previous semesters, the fall welding classes are rapidly filling up and anyone interested in taking the course should register as soon as possible.

“Welding continues to be strong,” Lancaster said. “There are still a few slots open.”

The popularity of the welding program has been fueled by the salaries that welders can earn and increased employment opportunities for welders in and around Union County. A trained, certified welder can earn from $18 an hour to $35 an hour at the entry level. In the nuclear construction industry, an experienced welder willing to travel can earn as much as $55 an hour.

For more information about the Union County Advanced Technology Center call 864-466-1060.Three local industries participated in Thursday’s open house at the Union County Advanced Technology Center sponsored by Spartanburg Community College.


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