Advanced TIG Welding

Advanced Methods In Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)

Description: “Advanced Methods In Gas Tungsten Arc Welding” will cover the basic theory and hands on techniques used in the “out of position” and “open root” welding using the GTAW process. Understanding of the different current and polarity selections in relation to welding variables and machine settings. Definitions and terminology commonly associated with “open root” GTAW. Basic understanding of welding symbols used in welding. Basic understanding of filler metal addition techniques like lay, dip and “walking the cup”. Proper tungsten preparation, selection, and taper angles. Opportunity for students to qualify under D1.1 Structural Code in the 3G, 4G position with “open root”.

Prerequisite: Must have prior tig welding experience.

Class Objectives-After completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the “open root” GTAW process
  • Understand and describe the terms and definitions associated with GTAW
  • Demonstrate how to properly prepare the tungsten and how to clean it
  • Demonstrate how to remove a contaminated tungsten end
  • Discuss proper cup selection for “open root” GTAW
  • Discuss Hi-frequency and wave forms and their purpose in relation to GTAW
  • Define pre-flow and post-flow
  • Demonstrate proper set-up of the GTAW system
  • Demonstrate how to properly establish a GTA welding arc “out of position”
  • Demonstrate how to properly weld an “open root” joint

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