Adult Learners

  • As an adult learner, you may have different priorities and reasons for attending college than the traditional college student. SCC offers several paths for you depending on your goals.

    Adult learners are typically defined as learners over the age of 25, and are often referred to as nontraditional students. Yet for almost two decades, adult learners have comprised close to 40 percent of the college-going population, spanning a range of backgrounds and experiences, from Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans and GED® credential holders, to professionals and skilled workers in career transition in their fifties according to the 
    American Council on Education.*
    > If you would like to begin a degree, diploma or certificate program, start here. 

    > If you would like to take college credit classes, but not complete a degree, certificate or diploma program, start here.

    > If you would like to take non-credit career training, professional development or personal development classes (also known as continuing education), start here.
  • Students of All Ages

    “There is definitely a sense of community here among the students that I really wasn’t expecting. The younger students are interested in, and learn from, the older students’ life experiences. And, I’ve got to tell you that I have learned a lot from them, too.”

    - Violet Floyd, SCC Business Management student.

    Fact: 35% of SCC's student body is over the age of 24, and the average age is 26.


  • A Supportive Community

    "At 50 years old, I had been out of school for over 20 years. It was a little tough and I admit I was scared, but once I got started I found there were a lot of people here that gave me the support I needed."

    - David Burdette, SCC Mechatronics Technology graduate.


    SCC Support Services include academic support and finding a job upon graduation.

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