New SCC Students

  • Welcome to SCC!

    If you have never attended college before and want to enroll in an associate degree, diploma or certificate program, follow these important steps.

    If you have any questions or need help getting started, visit the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions page or call (864) 592-4800.
    1. Apply to SCC

      Apply now or visit any SCC campus location.

      Once you’ve applied, log into your
      My SCC Portal account, and access your SCC email account. See instructions here.
    2. Complete Residency Form

      The residency certification form must be completed prior to being accepted. It can be found as a step in the online application under the “Residency” section or here.  Further information regarding residency may be found at

      A copy of your driver’s license or state issued ID must be submitted with the form.

    3. Apply for Financial Aid

      Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after you file your IRS tax return. Instructions for applying for financial aid

      See Important Dates for Financial Aid.

      You do not have to wait to complete the financial aid process before proceeding with the following enrollment steps.
    4. Submit Transcripts

      Submit your official high school, GED or college transcripts to the SCC Admissions Center: PO Box 4386, Spartanburg, SC, 29305. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.
      Official college transcripts can be requested through the Parchment Exchange website. IMPORTANT: Please email electronic transcripts to

      GED transcript information can be obtained at or by calling 803-734-8347.

      You may also qualify for experience credit called through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) so please share any military experience you have that may serve as credit for courses at SCC.

    5. Complete Entrance Assessment

      Meet with an admissions specialist at SCC to determine if you should complete the placement skills assessment, or see if you are eligible for other options in placement requirements

      View details of all options for placement requirement

      Download chart of placement requirement options (PDF)

    6. Acceptance and New Student Orientation

      Confirm your acceptance by visiting with an admissions specialist at any of our five campuses.

      Log into your MySCC Portal to complete the online New Student Orientation (NSO). For more information email

    7. Meet with Enrollment Advisor

      Visit the admissions office to meet with an advisor to discuss your educational goals and create your schedule for your first semester at SCC, then get your student ID.
    8. Pay Tuition and Fees

      Follow up with the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office to confirm that your tuition and fees are paid.

      Your balance can be viewed on your MySCC Portal account along with financial aid rewards. 

      Once tuition and fees are paid, obtain your parking decal at the Business Office and purchase books for classes at The Book Inn.

      Buy Books: Visit the Book Inn, the SCC bookstore on the Giles Campus with your schedule to buy books.

      Parking Permit: Register your car for a free parking decal at the SCC Business Office.

      Congratulations! You are officially a SCC student!