High School Dual Credit

Earn College Credit While in High School

Dual Enrollment FREE in 22-23 photo of students

Earn college credit while you are still in high school!  Dual enrollment provides eligible, college-ready high school students the opportunity to enroll in SCC courses.  The dual enrollment program courses include university transfer, technology and health sciences.  Students may join the dual enrollment program most anytime during their high school career.  The earlier a student joins, the more college credits he or she will earn towards their college degree. Interested students and parents are encouraged to contact their high school counselor or SCC Dual Enrollment Office for more information.

Dual enrollment* classes may be available at the SCC campus, online, or at the student’s high school and career/technology center.  Textbooks and other class materials are the student’s responsibility unless otherwise indicated by their home high school. Include tuition fee structure for students not enrolled in six credit hours. Note: Some high schools already either cover or discount tuition for dual students.

Classes at SCC Campus

Host of classes available in face-to-face, hybrid and online formats.

Support services also available – Library, tutorial and testing centers, Student HUB and more!

Classes at Your High School

SCC delivers college courses to students on their high school campus.

Faculty may be high school teachers credentialed in the subject area or may be college professors from SCC.

At Your Career Center

SCC partners with all area career centers to develop pathways for students who are interested in technology programs such as welding, mechatronics, health sciences and more.

SCC Early College: Special Programs for Select High School Students

Unlike dual credit courses, enrollment in SCC Early College begins in grade 9 and continues to high school graduation. SCC Early College is a unique opportunity for selected students to complete an associate degree while also earning their high school diploma. SCC currently has three Early College programs:

Students are nominated by Middle School guidance counselors for these opportunities.  It is not necessary for SCC Early College nominees to complete the steps below until selections are made.  Selected students will be contacted with additional information.

*The SACSCOC definition of dual enrollment is outlined in the first paragraph of the policy statement.


Steps to Enroll in Dual Enrollment College Program

1. Establish Eligibility

See your high school guidance counselor or contact the SCC Dual Enrollment office.

2. Apply for 2022-2023

  • 2022-2023 Dual Enrollment Application
  • When applying, you will need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT using a personal email address, not your school email. When CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT, please make sure you choose "HIGH SCHOOL DUAL ENROLLMENT" as your program of choice.  Otherwise, you will not have access to the correct application.

    Continuing Students: If you applied or have taken classes since Fall of 2021, you do not need to apply. You will, however, need to complete the forms below. 

    You will receive an email with additional details after you have submitted your application. It can take up to 24-48 business hours to process and give access to the forms below:


3. Submit Transcripts and Test Scores

Check with your high school guidance counselor to see which of the following are required for eligibility:

  • High School Transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Accuplacer Test scores

The Accuplacer test may be administered at your high school or career center. If not, please contact the SCC Dual Enrollment office to schedule your test.

4. Confirm Acceptance, See Advisor, Register

Confirm your acceptance into the College by contacting the SCC Dual Enrollment office. Once accepted, the SCC Dual Enrollment Counselor will assist you with advising and registering for classes. 

Congrats! Now you are ready for classes!

Ashley McCollum: Getting a Head Start

Early College feature student Ashley McCollumAshley McCollum learned of the SCC Dual Enrollment program through her Dorman High School counselor, Tiffany Sherbert, who recommended that Ashley begin to see what college classes is all about. Ashley states, “I thought that dual enrollment would be a good fit for me and I wanted to see what college was like.” Ashley discussed the opportunity with her parents and all agreed that not only could she do this, they felt this would be a great chance for Ashley to become college ready. Ashley says that she gained confidence after taking Political Science 201 and Economics 210 in the fall 2018 semester during which she got a taste of what it takes to be successful on a college level. Ashley also expressed that her Macroeconomics class challenged her in a good way, because she had to think from another perspective in order to grasp the principles.  However, she stressed that she had to find study strategies, attend study sessions with the instructor, and use other important college skills to master the Macroeconomics course. Mrs. McCollum says, “I am glad that Ashley had to learn how to work through and find the answer for a challenging course like this.  It taught her not to quit or give up, but rather find a way to get help and overcome when a course gets tough.”