Become a certified phlebotomist under the National ASCP Guidelines through 65 hours of classroom/lab experience and 100-200 hours off site at a clinical facility. You will be trained to collect and type blood samples, screen patients for blood banks in medical offices and hospitals. This course will teach you how to obtain blood specimens accurately and comfortably using the proper technique, how to work well under pressure, communicate with patients, and become a vital member of the healthcare team. Clinical time is required and will be held at various medical facilities at various hours. After successful completion of this program it is strongly recommended that students take The ASCP National Certification for Phlebotomy Technicians. The ASCP exam cost is $135. The application and referral letter will be available at the end of the course. Registrations must be done in-person at Corporate & Community Education in the Tracy Gaines Building, Room G17. Students must present a 2-step PPD (TB) vaccination documentation, and a CollegeScreen report. The CollegeScreen report can be completed online for a charge of $75. NOTE: When completing the application for the CollegeScreen report, you must select Corporate & Community Education as the department. See additional information below to access the report. A flu shot will also be required if the clinical portion of this course is between October through March.
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Continuing Education
$963 | Books $171.53
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