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    Your Student Bill is Online!
    To view your account balance, visit the “View Account and Make Payments” tab in the MySCC Portal. If you need assistance logging into the portal, please contact the IT Help Desk at 864-592-4682.

    SCC accepts cash, first-party personal checks, e-checks, credit and debit cards for payment. A $15 convenience fee will be added per transaction for tuition payments made by credit or debit card. A payment plan is also available (view detailed information about the payment plan).

    Due care should be used in choosing your method of payment. All refunds processed from start of term through October 14, 2013 due to schedule changes will be remitted based upon the source of funds used for payment. All refunds processed after October 14, 2013 (when Financial Aid transmits) will be in the form of a check made payable to the student, regardless of source of funds.

    You can pay your tuition in person at the SCC central campus Business Office or the Administrative offices at any other SCC campus. (See the Business Office hours to the left.) You can also pay online through the SCC Portal using the “View Account and Make Payments” feature.

    No paper bill will be mailed. All payments must be posted by the day/time of scheduled deletions to protect your schedule from deletion.

    Financial Aid exceeds your total charges?
    You can verify your anticipated financial aid balance and account balance online through MySCC Portal's "View Account and Make Payments" feature (see instructions above).

    Financial Aid overage checks will be issued on October 21, 2013 and mailed to the student’s address of record. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure their address is kept current with the SCC Records Office.

    If you do not plan to attend, please drop your schedule on WebAdvisor under the Registration tab or send an email to at your earliest opportunity so that others may have the option to enroll before classes begin.

    Avoid class cancellation by paying by the payment deadlines.

    Payment Options

    You may pay your tuition and fees by cash, check, e-check or credit/debit card. The College accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express branded credit or debit cards. A $15 convenience fee will be added per transaction for tuition payments paid by credit or debit card. (Companies may be billed with appropriate authorization. Contact the Business Office for details.)

    Payments are accepted in person, by U.S. Mail, or by phone.
    Paying in person: Central Campus Business Office, Ledbetter Building, Room 219 or the administrative offices at any other campus.
    Paying by Mail: Send your check to Spartanburg Community College, Attention: Business Office, P.O. Box 4386, Spartanburg, SC, 29305. Allow for mail delays to ensure you meet the payment deadline noted above.
    Paying by Phone: Call in your Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express number to 592-4665 or toll-free (within the 864 area code) 1-800-922-3679 , ext. 4665. A $15 convenience fee will be added per transaction for tuition payments paid by credit or debit card.
    Paying Online (via MySCC Portal). A $15 convenience fee will be added per transaction for tuition payments paid by credit or debit card. E-check online transactions do not incur a convenience fee, but will be charged a $25 returned check fee if not honored by the bank of issue.

    The Business Office does not offer check cashing services.

    Billing and payment information is available online in the SCC Portal "View Account and Make Payments" feature for enrolled students. Students are responsible for ensuring all fees are satisfied. Bills are not mailed to students.

    Returned Checks

    A $25 returned check fee will be charged for all returned checks, both presented checks and online e-checks. The full amount of the check plus fees must be paid by cash, money order or credit card in the Business Office. Accounts not paid will be placed on restriction and the returned check will be turned over to the Solicitor's Office for collection.

    Senior Citizen Tuition

    Based on the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, Title 59, Article 5, Section 59-111-320, Spartanburg Community College offers tuition-free courses, both credit and non-credit, on a space-available basis for courses which have met their minimum paying enrollment. This program is available to all senior citizens, 60 years of age or older, who meet the following criteria:
    1. The person is a legal resident of South Carolina.
    2. The person is not employed on a full-time basis.
    3. The person meets all admission requirements.
    4. The person must obtain a Tuition Waiver Form from the Office of the Registrar.

    The College may require proof that the person is eligible for tuition-waived status. All students, including senior citizens, will be responsible for purchasing any textbooks and paying materials fees and lab fees required in the course(s). Personal Interest courses through the Continuing Education Division are not offered on a tuition-free basis.

    Additional Costs for Health Education and Other Majors

    Most majors (programs) in the Health Division require students to purchase uniforms and other materials, to obtain liability insurance and to pay for a SC Law Enforcement (SLED) background check. Additional purchases may also be required, depending on the program. Programs in other divisions may also require the purchase of a small amount of equipment which becomes the property of the student.

    Books and Supplies
    All instructional programs require the purchase of textbooks and other supplies associated with the various courses in the curriculum. Depending on the program and a student’s course load each semester, textbook costs can be several hundred dollars. Textbooks and supplies are available for sale in the college bookstore. Used textbooks are available for many courses, which can help reduce costs. In some cases, one textbook may be used for two courses in a sequence. Several financial aid and scholarship programs provide funds to help offset textbook costs.

    Those students using a financial aid credit balance to purchase textbooks and instructional supplies have the option to "opt out" of purchasing books at the SCC Book Inn and may request an allowance to purchase books and supplies elsewhere by completing the Request to Opt Out form and submitting it to the Business Office by the first day of classes each semester the student elects to use an allowance.

    Debts Owed to the College

    If you owe the College for tuition, books, parking tickets, or library fines, you will not receive your grades until your bill has been paid.
    If you owe the College, you will not be allowed to register until your bill has been paid.

    You will not be permitted to graduate, receive transcripts, or register for subsequent terms until all prior debts to the college are paid in full. These debts could be for, but not limited to, tuition or library and parking fines, and may date from any time you were enrolled in the College.